• Q: What is a Firetube Boiler?

    A firetube boiler is a boiler in which hot gases of combustion pass through the boiler tubes and water surrounds these tubes to absorb heat.

  • Q: What is the Expected Life of a Firetube Boiler?

    The expected life of a firetube boiler is 25 years or more, depending on how well the boiler is maintained. Many firetube boilers currently in operation are well over 25 years old and still making steam and hot water.

  • Q: What is a Dryback Boiler and How Does it Compare to a Wetback Boiler?

    A dryback boiler has a rear wall that is lined with refractory, a wetback boiler has a rear wall that is jacketed by water. Because of this fact, wetback boilers typically boast higher efficiencies than dryback boilers as the heat from combustion goes directly into heating water instead of refractory. Wetback boilers are also more forgiving with load changes as the reversal chamber of the boiler is totally submerged in water creating an even heat transfer on the intermediate tube sheet to furnace joint.

  • Q: What are the biomass pellets for a biomass-fired boiler?

    Biomass fuel can be applied to a biomass-fired boiler by treatment and compression molding. Commonly used are straw particles, rice husk particles, wood particles, sawdust particles, peanut rod particles, sugar aldehyde residue particles, palm shell particles and so on.

  • Q: What are the main components of circulating fluidized bed boiler?

    1. Primary air fan: after being heated by the air pre-heater, primary air enters into the wind chamber, then into the furnace through wind caps through the air distributor to fluidize particulate materials;
    2. Secondary air fan: after being heated by the air pre-heater, secondary air enters into the furnace through the secondary air ducts for complete combustion of fuels; the seal air, conveying air and fuel spreading air of the feeding device also adopt secondary air;
    3. Circulating material returning air fan: the function of circulating material returning air is to help unburnt fuels enter into the furnace again.


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