Automatic Packaged Steam Boiler for Milk Industry

December 6, 2021
Available industries: Milk Industry
Project boiler medium:steam
Capacity:1 ton – 110 tons
Equipment:WNS Series

automatic packaged steam boiler

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Case Introduction

Milk processing in various forms, such as pure milk, fresh milk and milk powder products, in these processes the role of the boiler is mainly to provide high-temperature steam heat to sterilization, high quality requirements for steam, in addition to the heat treatment process of dairy products and other processes.

Packaged steam boiler fuel in the most current use of natural gas-fired boilers, not only eliminates the need for fuel procurement, storage and transportation, as well as manual material, air conditioning, slag removal and other operations, while the boiler operating efficiency has also been greatly improved. Gas steam boiler operating water quality requirements, which also ensures the quality of steam, reducing the risk of internal structure and failure of the boiler, gas boiler thermal efficiency is high, ZOZEN gas boiler can reach more than 98%.


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