ZOZEN’s Most Efficient Steam Boilers

May 23, 2024

In the realm of industrial operations, the efficiency of steam boilers plays a pivotal role in determining overall productivity and cost-effectiveness. Steam boiler efficiency is influenced by various factors, including combustion quality, heat retention, flue gas losses, and operational maintenance. ZOZEN, a leader in the industrial boiler industry, offers the most efficient steam boiler solutions, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings.

Why ZOZEN Boilers are the Most Efficient Steam Boilers
ZOZEN’s steam boilers boast an impressive efficiency rate of up to 98%. The primary areas contributing to boiler efficiency include combustion losses, heat dissipation losses, flue gas losses, and operational maintenance. Here’s an in-depth look at why ZOZEN’s steam boilers are considered the most efficient steam boilers:

  1. Combustion Losses
    ZOZEN’s oil and gas boilers are equipped with advanced, high-quality burners that minimize combustion losses. The large furnace design increases the residence time of combustible gases, ensuring complete combustion and thus reducing fuel wastage. This makes ZOZEN’s boilers the most efficient steam boilers in terms of fuel utilization.
  2. Heat Dissipation Losses
    To reduce heat dissipation losses, ZOZEN uses premium insulation materials that effectively lower the surface temperature of the boiler body to below 45 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the outer casing is designed to not be directly connected to the boiler body, ensuring excellent sealing and minimal heat loss. This superior insulation setup contributes significantly to making ZOZEN the most efficient steam boiler provider.
  3. Flue Gas Losses
    ZOZEN’s boilers are engineered to optimize flue gas temperature according to customer requirements. The low CO concentration in the chimney indicates high fuel combustion efficiency, while the low oxygen concentration reflects appropriately calibrated air supply, minimizing flue gas losses. This meticulous control of flue gas emissions is another reason why ZOZEN offers the most efficient steam boilers.
  4. Operational Maintenance
    ZOZEN’s products are renowned for their stability and low failure rates. The high automation level in biomass boilers, including automated ash and slag removal, reduces the need for shutdowns and saves on labor costs. This operational efficiency further underscores ZOZEN’s commitment to providing the most efficient steam boilers.

ZOZEN’s Most Efficient Steam Boiler Products
ZOZEN classifies its most efficient steam boiler products into three main series based on fuel type: oil/gas-fired steam boilers and biomass/coal-fired steam boilers.

ZOZEN Oil/Gas-Fired Most Efficient Steam Boilers
ZOZEN’s oil/gas-fired most efficient steam boilers include three series: the WNS series condensing horizontal internal combustion boilers, the SZS series condensing double-drum longitudinal boilers, and the ZZ series medium-temperature medium-pressure oil/gas steam boilers. These boilers have a thermal capacity ranging from 1t/h to 130t/h.
Large Furnace Design: All three series feature large furnace designs, achieving thermal efficiency as high as 98%, making them the most efficient steam boilers.
Threaded Smoke Tubes: Patented threaded smoke tubes enhance flue gas disturbance, contributing to stable and consistent efficiency.

most efficient steam boiler
SZS series Steam Boiler Case

ZOZEN Biomass/Coal-Fired Most Efficient Steam Boilers
ZOZEN’s biomass/coal-fired most efficient steam boilers include three series: the DZL series single-drum longitudinal chain grate boilers, the SZL series double-drum longitudinal chain grate boilers, and the SHL series double-drum bulk chain grate boilers. These boilers have a thermal capacity ranging from 2t/h to 75t/h and can utilize various biomass fuels, such as biomass pellets, wood chips, palm shells, and straw, as well as different types of coal.
Water-Cooled Wall Structure: The densely arranged water-cooled wall tubes ensure good sealing and reduce slagging and air leakage, thereby minimizing flue gas heat loss and enhancing boiler efficiency. The SHL series bulk biomass steam boilers achieve thermal efficiency up to 88%, making them the most efficient steam boilers for biomass fuels.
High Automation Level: Advanced control systems and automated fuel supply, ash, and slag removal operations simplify usage and maintenance, affirming their status as the most efficient steam boilers.

Customer Success Story
ZOZEN provided a 10-ton SZL series coal-fired steam boiler to a textile enterprise in Tajikistan, used for production heating. The textile company discovered ZOZEN through market research and online searches and established a partnership. ZOZEN’s professional team delivered a custom-tailored high-efficiency product and superior service, earning the customer’s trust and support. This successful installation highlights ZOZEN’s ability to deliver the most efficient steam boilers that meet specific industrial needs.


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