40 Ton Gas Fired Boiler Price

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40 ton gas-fired hot water boiler is the most popular product of ZOZEN, whether in the field of central heating or industrial production. Natural gas is an environmentally friendly and renewable clean fuel, and gas boilers have become the main force in the market. 40 tons of gas-fired hot water boiler, mainly for large and medium-sized production and life, for a variety of sanitary, technological hot water or heating and other purposes.

As an environmental protection product, WNS series condensing gas boiler has the characteristics of automatic operation. Boiler combustion, water level, temperature and steam pressure are automatically adjusted and protected to ensure safe and reliable operation for a long time. The design of large diameter corrugated furnace ensures sufficient steam storage space and heating surface, and is more conducive to the full combustion of natural gas. Combined with the advanced low nitrogen combustion machine, the requirement of NOx≤30mg/Nm3 can be realized, which easily passes the environmental protection acceptance. At the same time, the thermal efficiency of this series of natural gas steam boilers can reach more than 98%, which is superior to the national first-grade energy efficiency standard.

wns 40 ton gas fired boiler price
wns 40 ton gas fired boiler price

Characteristics of WNS series gas-fired oil boilers

  1. The furnace is suitable for fuel oil or gas with high calorific value (Qdw≥16000kJ/Nm3);
  2. Suitable users include hospitals, schools, hotels, government offices, pharmaceutical industry, enterprises and factories, etc.
  3. Furnace design structure is simple, easy to manufacture, short installation period, low maintenance costs;
  4. The boiler water quality requirements are not high, water volume;
  5. Generally, micro-positive pressure combustion is adopted, and there is no need to equip with induced draft fan;
  6. Boiler capacity is generally ≤20t/h.


WNS series oil / gas fired steam boiler has two combustion modes. If the boiler burning gas fuel is called gas-fired steam boiler, it is equipped with a gas burner, while the boiler burning light oil or heavy oil is called oil-fired steam boiler; it is equipped with an oil burner. WNS series oil and gas steam boiler is widely used in all walks of life, such as medicine, chemical industry, building materials, food processing, wood processing, clothing factory, farm, textile factory, hotel and other industries.


szs oil fired steam boiler
szs oil fired steam boiler


Taking SZS40-2.5-Q boiler as an example, it can be divided into gas-saturated steam boiler weight and superheated steam boiler weight. Generally speaking, the weight of the two is different, and the difference can be about 10T. The 40-ton gas-fired saturated steam boiler weighs 65 tons and the 40-ton superheated steam boiler weighs 75 tons. In fact, it is not necessary to calculate the size and weight of a 40-ton gas-fired boiler, because the furnace type is not only SZS. The size and weight are also different depending on the furnace type.

Through the innovation and improvement of the internal structure of corrugated furnace and threaded smoke pipe, the technical personnel of ZOZEN have greatly improved the heat conduction of oil-fired and gas-fired boilers, and combined with the use of energy-saving devices such as the boiler tail condenser, the comprehensive thermal efficiency of oil-fired and gas-fired boilers has been raised to more than 98%, greatly reducing the operating cost of enterprise users. ZOZEN WNS series and SZS series oil-gas steam/hot water boilers have been awarded the “Energy Efficiency Star” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for many times.


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