Precautions When Operating a Biomass Fuel Boiler

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From the situation of biomass fuel boiler operation for 3 years, the following points should be paid attention to when operating biomass fuel boiler:

(1) Adjust the fuel supply of the screw feeder according to the actual fuel consumption during the boiler operation.

(2) If the fuel in the furnace is not burned out, the drum and induced draft fan must not be stopped.

(3) In case of sudden power failure during operation, the fuel in the furnace must be removed in time.

(4) No biomass fuel shall be added before the furnace is stopped.

(5) When the furnace is stopped, it is not necessary to seal the fire. After the fuel on the grate is exhausted, the drum and induced draft fan can stop running.

(6) Biomass fuel slag contains higher silicon, chlorine, potassium, sodium and other alkali metals and has a low ash melting point, which is likely to slag, coke or deposit on the heating surface in the furnace, which seriously affects the combustion of biomass boiler the heat transfer can even cause corrosion and affect the operation of the boiler. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean up the accumulated ash and slag in the furnace, the smoking chamber and the smoke pipe.


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Biomass fuel boiler reconstruction is to use the original or idle chain furnace coal-fired boiler body to reduce the investment cost of the boiler body. Its auxiliary equipment such as blowers, induced draft fans, slag extractors, coal economizers, reducers, Dust collectors, boiler control cabinets, instrument valves, etc. are the same as the chain-fired coal-fired boilers.


Biomass particulate fuel is compressed and molded, with high moisture content, high density, and slow volatile overflow rate. It is not easy to catch fire and emit black smoke. Therefore, to ensure the complete combustion of biomass fuel, it is necessary to increase the temperature of the furnace and supply it fully burning. Therefore, some equipment needs to be added to increase the furnace temperature, to facilitate the rapid overflow of the volatiles of the biomass fuel, to ensure that the biomass fuel is fully burned, and to maximize the thermal efficiency of the boiler.


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Biomass fuel, as a boiler fuel, is an ideal fuel to replace natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, electricity, coal, etc., has a broad application prospect, and has good social, economic and environmental benefits.


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