Typical Cost of Boiler of Various Capacities

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At present, the choice of boilers by enterprises or units is more inclined to gas boilers, biomass boilers or electric boilers, but for large-scale centralized heating, it is very uneconomical to use electric boilers for heating. If the local biomass raw materials are relatively abundant, it is good to use a biomass boiler, which not only recycles waste straw, rice husks, branches, distiller’s grains, etc., but also maintains a clean environment. For the relative lack of biomass raw materials in most areas, the use of gas boilers is more convenient.


10 ton gas hot water boiler


We look at the parameters and quotations of different tonnages of gas hot water boilers. 4 ton, 6 ton, 8 ton and 10 ton gas hot water boilers are all models that are usually consulted by customers. The conversion relationship between thermal power and evaporation is 1 steam. Ton = 0.7 MW. 4 tons = 2.8 MW, 6 tons = 4.2 MW, 8 tons = 5.6 MW, 10 tons = 7 MW, the technical parameters are as follows:

WNS2.8 consumes natural gas 298Nm3 / h; WNS4.2 consumes natural gas 446Nm3 / h; WNS5.6 consumes natural gas 616Nm3 / h; WNS7 consumes natural gas 746 Nm3 / h;


1 ton gas boiler, whether it is a steam boiler or a hot water boiler, its cost is the natural gas consumed per hour * the price of natural gas per cubic meter, according to the natural gas price of 3 yuan per cubic meter (the price varies in different regions), it is Need to consume 225 yuan of natural gas. So the operating costs of 4 tons, 6 tons, 8 tons and 10 tons per hour can be calculated based on the cost of 1 ton gas boiler.


10 ton hot water boiler 2020


Advantages of gas hot water boiler:

1. Equipped with a microcomputer controller dedicated to gas hot water boilers, a large Chinese LCD screen with super bright backlight, the boiler operating status is clearly visible no matter day or night.

2. Imported burner, fully automatic programmed control, automatic fan purging, electronic automatic ignition, automatic combustion of oil and gas, automatic ratio adjustment of wind oil (gas), good atomization effect, full combustion, energy saving and environmental protection, and flameout protection The device ensures safe combustion.

3. The boiler structure is designed according to normal pressure, and the top is provided with a vent hole. The boiler works under normal pressure to avoid the danger of explosion. The boiler body adopts computer optimized simulation design to completely optimize the size of the boiler and make the shape coordinated and beautiful.

4. multiple protection systems, leakage protection, that is, leakage automatically cuts off the power supply; overheating protection, that is, when the boiler water temperature exceeds the alarm temperature, automatically stops the burner and issues an alarm; secondary overheating protection, that is, when the boiler shell temperature exceeds 105 ° C, it automatically cuts off In the secondary circuit, the boiler stops working; the anti-dry burning protection means that the sophisticated water level electrode rod monitors the water level in real time. For other reasons, when the boiler water level reaches or falls below the extremely low water level, the boiler stops working to prevent the danger of dry burning.


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