65 Ton Hr Gas Boiler Prices India

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Because 65 ton gas-fired boilers are relatively large-scale industrial equipment, they are usually delivered in bulk, and bulk boilers are generally large-scale boilers. Due to restrictions on volume and transportation, they are transported to the site in the form of bulk parts to assemble, therefore, it is not easy to calculate the model whose weight, size, length, width and height are not fixed. Even if they are all 65 ton gas-fired boilers, after being installed on the construction site, their weight and dimensions are not necessarily equal in length, width and height.

65 ton gas steam boiler
Model parameters of 65 tons gas hot water boiler
The most common type of 65 ton gas boiler is the SZS gas boiler, generally SZS45.5-1.6/130/70-Q. The boiler is a double-tube longitudinal gas-fired boiler with a thermal power of 45.5MW and an outlet temperature of 130 ℃, the return water temperature is ℃, the design fuel is natural gas, coal gas, biogas and other common gases. The boiler adopts the invention patent of Xi’an Jiaotong University, and its various structural indicators have reached the world’s advanced level. It not only follows the environmental protection concept, but also meets the heat energy required by the engineering project, and also has a very high value.

Gas consumption of 65 tons gas hot water boiler
According to the gas consumption per hour of the gas boiler = 3600* boiler thermal power/natural gas calorific value/boiler efficiency, the natural gas calorific value is calculated as 35.88MJ/M3, the boiler efficiency is calculated as 92%, the available gas boiler gas consumption per hour = 3600 *Boiler thermal power/natural gas calorific value/boiler efficiency=4962 cubic

The price of 65 tons of gas hot water boiler
The price of 65 tons of gas hot water boiler is mainly related to the model parameters of the boiler and the configuration of accessories and auxiliary equipment. SZS gas boiler is the first choice. The burner can be selected from international famous brands and domestic brands. It can be provided with or without the cylinder and condensation recovery device. You can have a general understanding of these issues, and then consult our online customer service quotation.


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