7 Million Kcal Gas Oil Thermal Oil Heater for Chemical Plant

Available industries: Feed Industry
Project boiler medium:HMO (Heat Medium Oil)
Capacity:7 million kcal

7 million kcal gas-fired thermal oil boiler

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Case Introduction

As we all know, resin is a kind of high molecular compound, which is produced by combining low molecular raw materials into large molecules through polymerization reaction. This process needs
a stable heat source, so the industrial thermal oil boiler is a very important heating equipment in chemical plants. To meet daily production requirements, the chemical plant purchased ZOZEN’s YY(Q)W series gas oil thermal oil heater.

YY(Q)W series gas and oil thermal oil heaters have larger furnace volume and larger heating surface, which can ensure sufficient fuel combustion and higher boiler thermal efficiency. It also uses an automatic control system to provide a stable heat source to meet the high temperature requirements of the resin production line in the chemical plant.

Gas oil thermal oil heater adopts multi-loop coil design, which has good safety performance and sufficient heating surface, and can achieve high thermal efficiency of more than 90%. In addition, the boiler is equipped with a low nitrogen burner to keep NOx emissions below 30mg/Nm3. Its excellent environmental performance can also help enterprises to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction.

gas oil fired thermal oil heater

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7 million kcal thermal oil boiler is a medium and large heat conduction oil boiler. Gas heat conduction oil boiler can use a variety of gaseous fuels such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, methane, ZOZEN 7 million kcal gas heat conduction oil furnace type boiler manufacturer for YY(Q)W-8200Y(Q), full load operation condition, gas consumption per hour for 510 cubic meters, this value can only be used as a reference, the specific consumption need to be calculated according to the actual parameters.

Customer Feedback

The collaboration with ZOZEN Boiler was very successful. We thank ZOZEN Boiler for providing YY(Q)W Series gas and oil thermal oil heaters for their high quality, thermal efficiency, and stable operation. We hope to cooperate with ZOZEN Boiler next time.


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