Application Solutions for the Wine Industry

January 13, 2020

Boiler Application

Fermentation and distillation are the two main uses of winery boilers. Fermentation is the fermentation of koji, grain and other mixtures to produce alcohol; distillation is the use of a still, condenser, etc. to extract the alcohol in the grain to produce puree liquor. Winery fermentation, distillation, etc. require a relatively large amount of steam. If coupled with heating and bathing heat, the amount of steam is greater. Therefore, wineries use coal-fired steam boilers as fermentation and distillation boilers. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection in China, quite a few local governments have restricted the use of small coal-fired boilers. Gas boilers, biomass boilers and other equipment have emerged as they emerged. Their low-cost operation, no nitrogen oxides and sulfides contaminated the winery waiting for the love of enterprises.

Which Type Of Boilers Apply To This Industry?


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