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Industrial boilers are important thermal power equipment and play an indispensable role in the development of the national economy and residents’ lives. The boiler is mainly divided into a pot and a furnace. The furnace is mainly responsible for converting the chemical energy of coal, gas and oil into heat energy. The pot transfers the heat to the water and turns it into hot water or steam for people to use for heating or to provide power for production.


35 ton steam boilers in Bangladesh


Rashid Paper Mills Ltd. was established in September 2016. It is a paper-making enterprise under the well-known Bangladesh group Rashid Group. It mainly produces writing, printing, offset printing and other types of paper. It currently has two independent production lines with daily production capacity. Up to 200 tons, and export high-quality paper to overseas markets. In order to guarantee the supply of heat sources on the paper production line, Rashid Paper Mills Ltd. chose to introduce the ZZ series of medium-temperature and medium-pressure boilers with advanced technology from China, with a design pressure of up to 3.82 MPa, providing sufficient high-temperature steam.


Industry: Paper industry case

Project boiler medium: steam

Project Type: Boiler project general contract

Project rated output: 35 tons / hour

Project address: Bangladesh

Project supporting boiler: ZZ35-3.82 / 450-M


The ZZ series coal-fired boiler produced by Zhongzheng Boiler has the advantages of wide fuel adaptability and high combustion efficiency. At the same time, combined with the actual steam demand of the Rashid Paper Mills Ltd. production line, Zhongzheng boiler technicians have designed the boiler system scientifically and reasonably to match the operating process conditions of the user’s production line. ZZ series coal-fired boilers adopt a wide coal-type furnace arch design to increase the furnace temperature; meanwhile, the air distribution through the isobaric system warehouse and the micro-area adjustment air distribution reduce the slag carbon content and improve the overall combustion efficiency. In addition, this series of boilers are shipped in bulk and assembled on site, which puts forward higher professional requirements for on-site technicians and installers. In order to ensure the smooth completion of the project within the agreed time limit, the technical personnel dispatched by Zhongzheng provided Rashid Paper Mills Ltd. with effective on-site guidance to ensure the orderly installation of the boiler. After entering the boiler commissioning phase, Zhongzheng technical staff will also provide users with professional training in boiler use from boiler working principles and operating procedures to daily maintenance and maintenance.


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