DHX Industrial Coal Fired CFB Vertical Hot Water Boiler

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DHX Industrial Coal Fired CFB Vertical Hot Water Boiler
Basic Information

Capacity: 58 – 116 MW

Pressure: 1.25 – 1.6 Mpa

Temperature: 90 / 70 ℃, 150 / 130 ℃

Fuel: Coal, gangue, biomass, waste, sludge

Industries: Centralized heating

Product Description

DHX series coal fired horizontal hot water boiler makes coal and air in a fluidized combustion chamber with mixed burning, with a large number of fine particle materials after the furnace exit flue gas entrained by the solid material in gas-solid separator separation. The flue gas into the tail heating surface. By separator materials collected down by return feeder was sent into the combustion chamber cycle again.The combustion efficiency is up to 98%, the thermal efficiency is up to 88%, and the load can be adjusted between 30% and 110%, which is equal to the comprehensive utilization of ash and slag.

Technical Advantages
Extensive Fuel Adaptability

The circulating fluidized bed is a fast bed, which can keep the temperature in the furnace uniform and keep the same, and the fuel can burn immediately when it enters the furnace. Therefore, the circulating fluidized bed can burn all kinds of fuel without auxiliary fuel, which has good fuel adaptability.

High Efficiency

The industrial coal fired boiler has a circulation separation device, after continuous optimization and improvement, the efficiency of the separator is up to 99%, the thermal efficiency of the boiler is also up to 85%, the combustion efficiency is above 98%.

Wide Range of Boiler Load Regulation

A large amount of hot bed material reserve so that the fluidized bed hot water boiler has a good load regulation performance, load regulation range.

Environmental Protection

Due to the characteristics of low-temperature combustion of fluidized bed boiler, the generation and emission of SO2 and NOX can be effectively suppressed, and the desulfurization rate of about 90% can be achieved with proper amount of limestone. Therefore, this economical and effective low-pollution coal burning technology has been widely applied in the world.

Product Parameters
Model Rated thermal power(MW) Rated working pressure(MPa) Rated output water(℃) Rated imported water temperature(℃)
QXX58-1.25/130/70-AⅡ 58 1.25 130 70
QXX70-1.6/150/90-AⅡ 70 1.6 150 90
QXX91-1.6/150/90-AⅡ 91 1.6 150 90
QXX116-1.6/150/90-AⅡ 116 1.6 150 90


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