Diesel Fire Tube Boiler

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Fire tube boiler, there is a large diameter drum in the boiler, there are fire tubes and a large number of thin tubes inside, that is, the flue gas generated by the combustion of fuel flows through the fire tube or smoke tube, and the water and steam outside the fire tube or smoke tube Or steamed water mixture heating. Fire tube boiler is also called shell boiler. Due to the limitation of its structural conditions and characteristics, fire tube boilers have low efficiency and are generally used by users with small capacity.


The basic structure is to install small cylinders, tubes or other shapes of furnace bladders in the pot shell. The fire tube is isolated from the large cylinder and forms a jacket. The jacket contains water, and the fire tube and furnace liner are used as a combustion chamber and flue to contain flame or flue gas. Pass to the water. According to its layout direction, the main structure can be divided into vertical and horizontal.


Diesel Fire Tube Boiler


ZOZEN Fire Tube Boiler has WNS series quick-install boiler, which has the following main performance advantages:

  1. Simple structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance
  2. Low water quality requirements
  3. Small capacity, suitable for occasions with less hot water and heat requirement
Model Rated steam capacity(t/h) Rated working pressure(Mpa) Rated steam temperature(℃)
WNS1-0.7-Y(Q) 1 0.7 170
WNS1-1.0-Y(Q) 1 1 184
WNS1.5-1.0-Y(Q) 1.5 1 184
WNS1.5-1.25-Y(Q) 1.5 1.25 194
WNS2-1.0-Y(Q) 2 1 184
WNS2-1.25-Y(Q) 2 1.25 194
WNS3-1.0-Y(Q) 3 1 184
WNS3-1.25-Y(Q) 3 1.25 194
WNS4-1.25-Y(Q) 4 1.25 194
WNS4-1.6-Y(Q) 4 1.6 204
WNS5-1.25-Y(Q) 5 1.25 194
WNS5-1.6-Y(Q) 5 1.6 204
WNS6-1.25-Y(Q) 6 1.25 194
WNS6-1.6-Y(Q) 6 1.6 204
WNS8-1.25-Y(Q) 8 1.25 194
WNS8-1.6-Y(Q) 8 1.6 204
WNS10-1.25-Y(Q) 10 1.25 194
WNS10-1.6-Y(Q) 10 1.6 204
WNS15-1.25-Y(Q) 15 1.25 194
WNS15-1.6-Y(Q) 15 1.6 204
WNS20-1.25-Y(Q) 20 1.25 194
WNS20-1.6-Y(Q) 20 1.6 204


WNS series boilers are safe and reliable, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient maintenance, long service life, fully automatic intelligent control, etc. each performance index is higher than the design requirements and has reached the advanced level at home and abroad.


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