Diesel vs Lpg for Steam Boiler

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The working principle of a diesel boiler is: the boiler uses diesel as fuel and ignites the fuel injectors connected to the boiler combustion chamber through electric control. The fuel atomization effect is good, the fuel is fully burned, and the black smoke is not visible in the chimney, so the fuel steam boiler is green. Environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving. The fuel oil is sprayed into the hearth of the burner as a misty oil droplet, which is easily mixed with air and burns rapidly and releases heat rapidly. At present, oil-fired boilers are fully automatic burners, and the working procedures are all electronically controlled. The boiler water supply, boiler ignition, oil supply, air supply, and flame detection automatic protection functions are integrated.


szs gas fired boiler 2020


Compared with coal-fired boilers of the same parameters and capacity, the thermal intensity of the furnace volume can be approximately doubled. However, in order to reduce the heat load in the burner area, so as to avoid the water wall tube in this area from overheating, the furnace volume has only been reduced by about 1/3.


And because the ash content in the fuel oil is very small, it does not cause slagging on the convective heating surface, so the smoke temperature at the exit of the furnace can be as high as 1300 to 1350 ° C, and the pitch between the tubes of the convective heating surface can be reduced to increase the flue gas flow rate. Increase the heat transfer coefficient of the heating surface, saving heating area and steel.


The heat of the Lpg boiler fuel is burned in the furnace to heat the water in the boiler to vaporize it into steam. Water in the pot (bottle) is continuously heated by the energy released by the combustion of gaseous fuel in the furnace. The temperature rises and generates pressurized steam. As the boiling point of water rises with the pressure, the pot is sealed. The expansion inside is limited and pressure is generated to form thermodynamics (strictly speaking, the water vapor of the boiler is formed by heating water to a saturated pressure in the drum and then vaporizing it), which is widely used as an energy source. This is the basic principle of gas-fired steam boilers.


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The Lpg steam boiler is mainly composed of the two main bodies of the boiler shell and the furnace liner, and accessories, instrument auxiliary equipment, automatic control and protection systems to ensure its safe and economic continuous operation. This boiler is a boiler drum type boiler with water cooling. Two return pyrotechnic tubes are arranged in the left and right sections of the boiler drum, which are turned back in the front smoke box at the front of the boiler drum. Between the drum and the lower tank, there is a down pipe and a water-cooled stern pipe to form the frame of the combustion chamber. There is a soda separator in the upper part of the drum to reduce the water brought out by the water vapor. The heating surface of the pot is the lower part of the pot, water-cooled stern tube and pyrotechnic tube.


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