Economic Benefit Analysis of Biomass Energy

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In modernization construction, a large amount of straw in China has been incinerated or discarded, which not only causes severe environmental pollution, but also wastes valuable renewable resources. Processed shaped biomass fuels such as straw and sawdust have high density, high calorific value, It has the characteristics of sufficient fuel, low cost, convenient use, cleanliness and sanitation, and convenient transportation and storage. It can be directly used as fuel for straw biomass boilers.


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Take corn stalk as an example: the calorific value is about 0.8-0.9 times of coal, that is, 1.1t corn stalk forming fuel is equivalent to 1t coal. If the corn stalks molding fuel is burned in a biomass boiler, its combustion efficiency is 1.3-1.5 times that of a coal-fired boiler. Therefore, the heat utilization rate of 1t corn straw forming fuel is equivalent to or even higher than that of 1t high-quality coal.


The CO2 emissions from the combustion exhaust emissions are close to zero, the NO2 emissions are 14mg / m3, and the SO2 and smoke emissions are far below national standards. Therefore, the molded biomass fuel has important environmental protection and energy saving significance, which has laid a foundation for its market application.


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At present, the purchase price of crop straw is 160 yuan, the production cost of 1t straw molding fuel is 300 yuan, and the coal price of 1t with a calorific value of 5,500 kcal is about 420 yuan / t. It can be seen that even if biomass fuel is processed into biomass particles Compared with coal costs, there are still advantages.


From the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that biomass energy not only has great environmental protection and energy saving significance, but also has very good economic benefits. The biomass boiler will also have a good market prospect.


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