Economic and Environmental Protection outlet for Coal Fired Boilers

January 10, 2020 Tags:

The fundamental way out of the coal industry lies in its efficient and clean utilization. For a long time to come, China’s coal industry must move towards sustainable development. The clean and efficient use of coal and the extensive development of the coal industry are not a systemic issue. The core of clean and efficient utilization of coal lies in the ultra-low emissions of the consumer side of the coal, and the social division of labor in the coal industry is mainly mining and providing coal. Its extensive development does not have much logical relationship with the clean and efficient use of coal.


horizontal boiler


Although China has been committed to the development of clean coal technology, due to insufficient supporting policies and insufficient coercive force, the development of clean and efficient utilization of coal is not fast enough under the condition of advanced technology.


According to the characteristics of various coals, grading and grading utilization can fully tap the economic value potential of these coals, and also have a certain degree of purification effect on coal fuel (mainly sulfur removal). However, a large amount of semi-coke remaining after pyrolysis and upgrading of long-flame coal will inevitably change its combustion performance and require targeted responses.


industrial horizontal boiler


On the whole, a certain amount of oil and gas resources can be obtained through grading and grading utilization, which can supplement some of the shortage of oil and gas resources, which is not only conducive to improving the economy of coal itself, but also to improving the national oil and gas supply guarantee.


In today’s state of the art, coal-fired boilers are under control. If the social problems such as environmental pollution at the coal-producing and coal-burning boilers can be effectively controlled, coupled with the efforts of manufacturers that design and manufacture coal-fired boilers under national emission standards why it is that environmental protection and economy go hand in hand?


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