Combustion Efficiency and Desulfurization of Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler

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Circulating fluidized bed boiler is one of the most widely used clean coal combustion technologies in China, but there are still many problems in actual production, which plague the long-term safe and economic operation of circulating fluidized bed units.


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Inner Mongolia Xing’an Copper-Zinc Smelting Co., Ltd. 2 × 280t / h boiler is a high-temperature, high-pressure, energy-saving circulating fluidized bed boiler designed and manufactured by ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd., using a single steam drum, natural circulation, high-temperature and ultra-high-pressure once-reheating, high-temperature Adiabatic cyclone separator, single-chamber balanced ventilation, front wall feeding, solid cooling slag discharge.


CFB boilers generally use limestone powder directly into the furnace to control SO2 emissions. The limestone put into the furnace is calcined under high temperature to undergo decomposition reaction to generate calcium oxide. Then, under the condition of about 850 ° C in the furnace, calcium oxide, SO2 and oxygen undergo chemical reaction to form calcium sulfate, and finally discharged out of the furnace with low slag.


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Aiming at the very complicated process of combustion in a circulating fluidized bed boiler furnace, through theoretical research on combustion and a large number of operating experience summaries, we work hard for each problem and each link, mainly from the aspects of equipment modification and operation adjustment Actively exploring solutions to enable users to accurately grasp the combustion conditions in the furnace and adjust the combustion more accurately, which not only improves the operation level, but also ensures the safe, stable and economic operation of the circulating fluidized bed boiler.


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