Cost Analysis of Three Industrial Boilers

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Due to the immature domestic biomass boiler technology, small and medium-sized industrial boilers are not Combustion or suspension combustion is simple retrofits based on raw coal or gas boilers.What is the difference in boiler use costs between the three types of energy in actual operation? The following is an example of 600,000 kcal enthalpy of steam per ton.


industrial steam boiler


Coal-fired boiler

  1. Coal quality of coal-fired boilers fluctuates, and there are certain problems in coal quantity measurement;
  2. The average operating efficiency of actual layer-fired boilers (chain boilers below 20T) is lower than 70%, and some boilers are even lower than 60%;
  3. According to calculations, the cost of electricity consumption of coal-fired boilers, water consumption for slag removal and dust removal, labor, maintenance and maintenance accessories is about RMB 20 per ton of steam.


Biomass boiler

  1. As the country has not yet issued standards for biomass formed fuels, there is no supervision by relevant departments. In addition, its raw material composition is complex and the processing methods are different, so its calorific value fluctuates greatly, and the phenomenon that the calorific value does not reach the standard agreed in the contract is common;
  2. Due to the immaturity of domestic biomass boiler technology, whether small or medium-sized industrial boilers use stratified combustion or suspended combustion, they are simply retrofits based on raw coal or gas boilers, so their combustion is not completely aimed at biomass fuel Characteristics leading to lower thermal efficiency;
  3. There is no good solution to the inherent slagging and ash accumulation problem of biomass boilers, which basically depends on manual regular ash cleaning, which leads to a substantial reduction in its actual thermal efficiency, especially the efficiency of coal-fired boilers and biomass boilers Lower, according to a large number of calculations, the average efficiency is less than 70%;
  4. The cost of water, electricity, labor and maintenance of biomass boilers is slightly higher than that of coal-fired boilers.


Natural gas boiler

  1. The cost of labor and water and electricity for natural gas boilers is low;
  2. The promotion of flue gas energy saving or condensing technology at the tail of natural gas boilers has further improved its thermal efficiency. When the exhaust temperature of natural gas boilers is lowered below 80 degrees, its efficiency can reach over 95%.


industrial hot water boiler


To sum up, after comparing the actual operating data of a large number of customers, the actual operating costs of the above three fuel boilers should be revised to (the fuel heating value fluctuation factors will not be considered for the time being).


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