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In the operation of boiler provided by gas boiler manufacturer ZOZEN, a mixture of liquids is first poured into the chamber of the boiler in accordance with its combustion head, and, since the combustion head is equipped with a lighter, the mixture of gases ejected can be quickly ignited. Gas fired steam boiler especially low-nitrogen gas-fired boilers, have been greatly recognized. Among them, gas-fired boilers are more commonly used than hot-water boilers, including food factories, agricultural and pharmaceutical factories, building materials factories, smelters, etc. No matter they are light or heavy, they are all indispensable gas-fired boilers.

10 ton gas fired water tube boiler
10 ton gas fired water tube boiler

ZOZEN’s SZS series gas fuel water tube boiler is a horizontal boiler shell type internal combustion tube boiler. It adopts a three-return journey structure. The smoke is ejected from the front burner through the flue chamber before the furnace bladder turns, and then through the flue tube as the third return journey into the back flue box, and then discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney.

The smoke pipe adopts the threaded pipe structure, which has the characteristic of strengthening the heat transfer, and can reduce the convection heating surface of the boiler. Because of the three-return structure of the furnace, the door structure is adopted to facilitate maintenance and repair, and the secondary backburning is in the high temperature area for secondary combustion, which makes the combustion efficiency higher.

Advantages of Natural Gas Fired Boilers

  1. The boiler uses renewable energy biogas as fuel, which is pollution-free, noise-free and a green environmental protection product. It can be used for heating and hot water with high thermal efficiency and is widely used for heating and heating water users.
  2. This series adopts the combustion nozzle independently designed by the enterprise. It is equipped with controller to control the boiler ignition and boiler temperature and automatically stop gas.
  3. Compact structure design, exterior paint, beautiful and generous, not easy to rust, less installation area.
  4. The outer body of the boiler is insulated to reduce heat loss.

Because gas in the gas boiler ash content, sulfur and nitrogen in less than of other fuel such as coal, combustion is more sufficient, so a very small amount of dust in the dust, can greatly alleviate the pollution to the environment, produce better consider intelligent environmental regulations, at the same time for more comprehensive environmental characteristics of fully automatic gas steam boiler, promote the erosion of convection bank to undertake small, fast heat conduction effect, strong radiation thermal efficiency, exhaust smoke temperature is low, calorific value enhanced obviously, faster to improve durability and comprehensive application.

industrial oil gas fired boiler for sale
industrial oil gas fired boiler for sale

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