Oil-fired Boilers for Sale Philippines

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Oil-fired boilers for sale are commonly used in textile, paper, printing and dyeing, chemical, pharmaceutical, heating and other industries. Oil-fired boiler is an industrial boiler fueled by heavy oil and light oil. The boiler is equipped with international advanced burner and adopts three-return structure. The fuel is fully burned in the combustion chamber with less exhaust emissions, which conforms to the national policy requirements. Therefore, it belongs to environmental protection boiler and can be used in most parts of the country.

oil-fired steam boiler
oil-fired steam boiler

Oil-fired boiler is generally composed of oil burner, small mouth and furnace cavity. The main components are fuel injection nozzle and air conditioner. It adopts high quality insulation material and heat preservation material with good heat preservation performance. The oil-fired and gas-fired boiler is double-channel temperature control, and the aluminum liquid temperature is accurate. The combustion process of oil is actually atomized into tiny oil droplets, which are sprayed into the furnace chamber, and then vaporized and diffused for combustion. The enhanced combustion process is realized by enhancing the atomization and evaporation of oil and the mixing of oil, gas and air.

The boiler is a horizontal 3-pass structure, the center bias large furnace as a return journey, full wet back combustion chamber, sufficient second and third return journey convective tube bank arrangement to ensure enough convective heating area, the main welding seam for the flanged structure of 100% corrugated furnace tube, great arc-shaped smoke pipe full wet back. Multiple safety protection design ensures that the thermal stress of the boiler is extremely low under the change of temperature and pressure. The use of a large furnace makes the boiler highly efficient, with thermal efficiency up to 98%, thus reducing fuel consumption and greatly saving operating costs.

industrial boilers for sale
industrial boilers for sale

The calculation formula of oil consumption of diesel boiler is: oil consumption of oil-fired steam boiler per hour =3600* thermal power/diesel calorific value/boiler efficiency. If diesel is used, the fuel consumption is about 132kg per hour. It can be told that a 1 ton diesel steam boiler can produce 1 ton of steam per hour, so the fuel consumption of a 1 ton diesel boiler is about 70 liters. However, the calculation of how much fuel a 2-ton diesel steam boiler consumes per hour is not simply 140 liters, but depends on the specific use of the boiler and the thermal efficiency of its design. Generally speaking, the higher the design thermal efficiency, the smaller the boiler fuel consumption.

Oil-fired boilers for sale factory Wuxi ZOZEN co., LTD., with a-grade boiler manufacturing license and A1, A2 class pressure vessel manufacturing license, internationally accepted the American society of mechanical engineers ASME boiler and pressure vessel products seal authorization can produce 1 tons – 160 tons capacity of industrial boiler, products all over the world more than 100 international and regional sales.


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