Safety Features of Heating Boiler

September 17, 2020

Heating boiler is to point to coal, fuel oil, gas, electricity and other fuels as heating source, water or other media heating to a certain temperature through the pump, valve and rely on the radiator to local environment heat exchange and achieve the purpose of heating a kind of heat equipment. According to different fuels can be divided into coal-fired heating boilers, oil heating boilers, gas heating boilers, electric heating boilers and so on. Heating boilers can be used in shopping malls, hospitals, residential, residential districts, schools, troops, hotels and other heating; the boiler model choice is flexible, easy to operate.


WNS series skid mounted fire tube boiler
WNS series skid mounted fire tube boiler


What is the heating area of 1 ton boiler? Take natural gas and gas boiler as an example. One ton of natural gas boiler can heat 10,000 square meters, and the amount of gas per hour is about 70 cubic meters. And in the actual heating, heating will be affected by a variety of factors, such as the degree of insulation of buildings will cause heat loss, regional differences, different altitudes, for different regions, with the size of the area of district heating, the boiler type of purchase is not the same.


Notice of Gas-fired Heating Boiler

  1. To ensure that the gas heating hot water pipe suction, exhaust unblocked, otherwise in the combustion is easy to exhaust back, resulting in the lack of oxygen supply during combustion, easy to cause the boiler deflagration, ignition or frequent start phenomenon.
  2. Gas heating hot water heater is heat source equipment, which will generate high temperature heat in operation, especially the hot water outlet pipe and flue at the bottom of the wall hanging furnace with high temperature. If touched, it will cause burns.
  3. All brands of gas heating water heaters are equipped with anti-freeze function, even set anti-freeze, after power or gas, also pay attention to check the pipeline, once found frozen pipeline, it is forbidden to start the fire, to immediately contact the heating water heater after sales.
  4. The safety device and automatic regulating device of gas heating hot water heater shall not be changed without authorization during the whole service period of the equipment.
  5. When the system is replenished, please close the replenishment valve in time to avoid overpressure and water overflow of the gas heating hot water heater. The safety relief port shall be connected with floor drain, and no valve shall be set on the connecting pipe.
  6. In case of failure, please turn off the air source and power supply, check against the operating instructions, and restart after troubleshooting. If the fault occurs repeatedly, please notify professional maintenance personnel. Only qualified professionals are allowed to open the shell of gas heating water  boilers, and other personnel are not allowed to disassemble without authorization, so as to avoid accidents.


gas fired hot water heating boiler
gas fired hot water heating boiler


SZS type boiler is suitable for large-tonnage gas-fired boiler. The 4-ton gas-fired boiler developed and manufactured by ZOZEN boiler company has mature production process and unique technology. The technical indexes of WNS series gas-fired boilers have reached the world advanced level and are in the leading level of domestic boiler industry. SZS and WNS series condensing gas-fired boilers have a thermal efficiency of more than 98% and a low emission of nitrogen oxide of less than 30mg/Nm3, which effectively saves operating costs and is highly praised in the field of central heating.


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