How to Regulate Shutdown Industrial Boilers

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In the process of industrial production, industrial boilers are an indispensable part of thermal power supply. According to relevant data, China has the largest production and use of industrial boilers in the world today. For example, industrial boilers of coal burning and industrial gas commonly mentioned belong to the category of industrial boilers. In the process of the use of industrial boilers in enterprises, whether as heating equipment or steam supply equipment, the boiler at the end of operation or when there is a fault to temporarily stop the boiler operation, it needs to involve a term to stop the furnace. Different types of boilers, the way to stop the furnace is also different.


dzl biomass-fired industrial boilers
dzl biomass-fired industrial boilers

Normal Boiler Stop

  1. Gradually reduce the load, reduce the coal supply and air supply (including air supply and air supply), until the coal supply and air supply stop. When the furnace stops for a long time, all the coal powder in the bunker must be used up to prevent the coal powder from caking in the bunker.
  2. Slowly cool down the boiler after stopping the furnace. When the water temperature of the furnace is below 50℃, the circulating water pump can be turned off to prevent water hammer.
  3. The manual furnace stop process must be operated according to the manual furnace stop procedure in the automatic control system manual. Reverse operation is strictly prohibited.


Emergency Stop Industrial Boilers

  1. Boiler water vaporizes due to poor circulation, or the difference between the outlet water temperature and the saturation temperature under outlet pressure is less than 20℃.
  2. The water outlet temperature rose rapidly and was out of control.
  3. All circulating pumps or make-up pumps fail.
  4. Pressure gauge and safety valve all fail.
  5. Boiler pressure components damage, risk the safety of the furnace personnel.
  6. The make-up pump keeps replenishing water to the boiler, and the boiler pressure continues to drop.
  7. The combustion equipment is damaged, the furnace wall collapses or the boiler frame burns red, which seriously threatens the safe operation of the boiler.
  8. Other abnormal conditions that exceed the permissible range of safe operation.


gas fired oil fired boiler
gas fired oil fired boiler

Emergency Shutdown Operation Procedure

  1. First, stop the fuel supply (stop the primary fan and feeding device), maintain the normal negative pressure of the furnace and the secondary air volume of over 30% of the rated load, and then stop the secondary fan and induced draft fan after the furnace ventilation and purge for 5-10min.
  2. Under no circumstances is it allowed to pour water into the furnace for cooling.
  3. The circulating water pump shall not be stopped immediately. The circulating water pump can only be stopped when the boiler water outlet temperature drops below 50℃.
  4. Close the outlet valve, open the steam collection irrigation, and discharge the steam.
  5. If continue to vaporize, water can be poured into the boiler, from the drain pipe to make the pot water flow, reduce the water temperature.
  6. If the hot water boiler and the hot water heating system have a natural circulation loop, open the valve on the natural circulation loop.


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