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Industrial wood boilers that use wood as fuel are also known as biomass boilers. With the adjustment of the energy structure, the state now encourages the recycling of renewable energy and resources. Therefore, the biomass boiler made of straw, rice straw, wood and other agricultural and forestry waste biomass pellet as fuel has achieved considerable development. 2 tons of biomass boiler adopts the layer combustion mode, the fuel can be fully burned on the grate, greatly improving the combustion efficiency of the boiler, reduce the exhaust gas emissions, after combustion NOx and SO2 content is very low; The ash content in biomass is generally very small, so the soot content is very low after full combustion. At the same time, biomass combustion process has the characteristics of CO2 “0” emission.


15 ton dzl biomass steam boiler
15 ton dzl biomass steam boiler


Divided into biomass in medium biomass boiler steam boiler and hot water boiler, biomass 2 tons wood boiler is rated evaporation capacity of 2 tons (steam) to produce 2 tons per hour of steam boiler products, widely used in food factory, textile mill, paper mill, pharmaceutical factory, timber, feed mills, slaughterhouses, breweries, rubber factory, chemical plants, etc.


2 Tons of Biomass Wood Boiler Performance Advantages

  1. With high calorific value and good combustion, biomass molding fuel is 50-1000 calories higher than the original calorific value, with calorific value between 3200 calories and 5280 calories. The combustion temperature is as high as 1060℃, which can completely replace coal.
  2. The straw with large ratio and long burning time can reach the density of 0.90-1.4g /cm3 after crushing, pressurizing and forming. The volume of the formed product is only 1/30 of the original straw, which greatly extends the burning time and is 10-15 times of the original straw of the same weight, which is convenient for storage and transportation.
  3.  Abundant and renewable resources: at present, China’s agricultural biomass resource straw production has exceeded 700 million tons, abundant resources, conservation and protection of resources, renewable, sustainable, inexhaustible, and inexhaustible.
  4. Extensive application of biomass fuel widely used in life, decentralized heating, bath centers, industrial boilers for industrial coal, fuel shortage opened up a new way.
  5. Green, environmental protection and low-carbon biomass briquant fuel has high calorific value, high density, ash content of 5%, and sulfur content of below 5. The remaining residue after combustion is high-quality potash fertilizer, without smoke and black smoke emission during normal combustion, and carbon dioxide emission is almost zero, meeting the national environmental protection requirements.


10ton biomass boiler for sale
10ton biomass boiler for sale


ZOZEN produce SZL boiler production of biomass boiler series double drum longitudinal buy chain grate boiler, DZL series single drum longitudinal buy chain grate boiler, DHL biomass chain grate boiler and SHL series double drum bulk chain grate boiler models, such as a fuel applicability is wide and can be applicable to the biomass particles, a variety of fuels such as sawdust, straw, palm shell; At the same time according to the different fuel characteristics of the boiler reasonable design of the relevant structure to ensure that the boiler efficient energy saving and stable operation; Solve ash, coking, wear, burning arch, burning hopper and other problems.


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