Water Boiler Prices in Nepal

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Boiler is the equipment that heats the heat transfer medium to a certain parameter through the heat energy released by the combustion of fuel. A steam boiler, also known as a steam generator, is a boiler that heats water medium to convert it into steam; a hot water boiler is a boiler which changes its temperature into hot water by heating water; and the boiler used for heating organic heat carrier is called organic heat carrier boiler. Different fuels used different types of boilers and different brands of boilers are all factors influencing water boiler prices in Nepal.


14MW wns hot water boiler
14MW wns hot water boiler


According to different fuels, it can be divided into electric hot water boiler, oil-fired hot water boiler, gas-fired hot water boiler, coal-fired hot water boiler, biomass burning hot water boiler, etc. Hot water boiler is widely used in electric power, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, paper, food and other industries, as well as industrial and civil heating need a lot of heat energy boiler supply. The capacity of a hot water boiler refers to the heating quantity of the boiler per hour. The rated power of the boiler is generally expressed as MW, 0.7MW=1 ton.


The difference between hot water boiler and steam boiler

  1. Different uses: the hot water boiler is the boiler product that produces hot water, it is more closely related with people’s life, if winter heating, bathhouse takes a bath, guesthouse accommodation. The steam boiler is the boiler product that produces steam, and it is mainly used for industrial production needs, such as chemical plant, metallurgical plant, mining field, garment factory, thermal power station, ship and other industries.
  1. Different pressures: according to the pressure, the hot water boiler can be divided into atmospheric hot water boiler and pressurized hot water boiler, the pressurized hot water boiler is a hot water boiler with working pressure, but usually the most used is atmospheric hot water boiler, and the steam boiler is a working pressure, belongs to the pressure vessel.
  1. Installation is different: because the hot water boiler does not take the working pressure, so it does not need to be put on record and checked in the installation, it can enter into the working state after the installation and debugging, and the steam boiler belongs to the pressure vessel, it needs to go to the local quality inspection department for inspection and acceptance in the installation, only after the acceptance can be carried out.
  1. Different instruments: because the hot water boiler has no working pressure, so it does not need to install the pressure gauge, while the steam boiler has working pressure, it needs to be in accordance with the pressure gauge, but the steam boiler does not need to be in accordance with the water level gauge, the hot water boiler needs to install the water level gauge.


gas fired steam boiler
gas fired steam boiler


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