Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

January 13, 2020

Boiler Application

Pharmaceuticals require high-volume industrial steam and pure steam to autoclave raw materials, instruments, and equipment. Along with the use of industrial steam and pure steam, there will be a large amount of high-temperature and low-pressure steam condensate. Under normal circumstances, this part of high-temperature condensate is directly discharged as wastewater through a trap. However, this part of the steam condensate discharged through the trap is still in the state of soda and water, and still has a high heat. The temperature is about 80 ℃, which is directly discharged, which makes this part of the heat wasted and also causes pollution to the surrounding environment. In pharmaceutical companies, steam is mainly produced by heating fuels such as natural gas, and boilers consume a lot of fuel costs each year.

Which Type Of Boilers Apply To This Industry?


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