Steam Boilers Used for Rubber Industry

May 18, 2021

Rubber products are widely used in industry, mining, petroleum, transportation and people’s daily life. Regardless of the differences in the use, structure and manufacturing process of rubber products, they must be vulcanized. Vulcanization is the key link in the production process of rubber products, and saturated steam is generally used as the heat source for the vulcanization process. Rubber companies use steam generated by steam boilers to vulcanize rubber products through vulcanization equipment, which can turn rubber products into elastomers. So, which boiler is more cost-effective to purchase in rubber production?

biomass fired steam boiler
biomass fired steam boiler

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  1. WNS Type Gas Boiler
    WNS type gas steam boilers capacity 1 ton – 20 steam tons are available, can meet the production of rubber factories of different sizes. Moreover, this type of boiler really achieves clean combustion, pollution-free emission and convenient operation, so if the user’s area covers natural gas, it is recommended to use this type.
  2. SZL Type Coal-fired Chain Grate Boiler
    If the local environmental protection standards do not restrict, you can choose coal-fired boilers, coal as fuel prices are relatively low, so the operating costs of coal-fired chain grate boilers are also relatively low. This type of boiler combustion system is stable in operation, and the coal type is highly adaptable, plus its own inertial dust removal function, so that the exhaust blackness and original dust concentration of the boiler meet the environmental protection requirements.
  3. SZL Type Biomass Boiler
    Biomass fuel boiler as a clean and environmentally friendly reuse boiler, is a highly efficient environmental protection and energy-saving products. Use a large number of crop straw, wood chips, rice husk, palm shells, etc. as fuel, fuel costs are very low, using many enterprises are willing to use. If the user’s area has a large amount of biomass fuel, you can consider using DZL type biomass boiler.
chian grate of szl biomass boiler
chian grate of szl biomass boiler

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Successful case: Senkylin Tire SZL series biomass boiler project
Project address: Thailand
Equipment purchased: 20 tons SZL series biomass boiler
Application: Providing high temperature steam for tire curing process
In the tire manufacturing process, rubber making and curing are two indispensable processes. In order to improve the production needs, Senkylin Tire (Thailand) chose ZOZEN Boiler’s SZL series biomass boiler, which has outstanding features such as high combustion efficiency and environmental protection and energy saving. At the same time, ZOZEN engineers also designed the governor box with reasonable speed according to the combustion rate and set up different number of independent air bins according to different tonnage to ensure full combustion of fuel.


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