How To Choose an Industrial Boiler?

June 10, 2021

An industrial boiler is an energy conversion device that uses the thermal energy released from the combustion of fuel to heat a work mass of water or other fluid to certain parameters. The selection of an industrial boiler plays an important role in the overall efficiency of a large industrial facility. When selecting an industrial boiler, it is important to consider the specific needs of the production scenario in which it will be used.

industrial boilers

Applicable Types of Industrial Boilers

Water tube boilers and fire tube boilers are two types of boilers commonly used in today’s industrial facilities.

Fuels Used in Industrial Boilers

The type of fuel used to generate heat is also important when choosing an industrial boiler. Some common types of fuels include.

  1. Liquid or gaseous fuels such as natural gas, biogas, blast furnace gas, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel, and light oil are cleaner, more flammable, and have a higher heat to energy ratio than other forms of energy.
  2. Biomass refers to combustible biomass forming pellets, shredded wood chips, rice husk, straw, corn cob, etc.; biomass is an important renewable energy source with green, low-carbon, clean and renewable characteristics.
  3. Coal is the standard fuel source for industrial boilers, such as bituminous coal, anthracite, poor coal, lignite, etc. Coal has a lower fuel cost, but coal-fired boilers are usually accompanied by higher emissions and usually need to be equipped with dust collectors.

Industrial Boiler Combustion Method

The thermal efficiency of industrial boilers is related to the combustion method, and there are four common combustion methods: layer combustion, chamber combustion, fluidized bed combustion and heat transfer oil boiler.

  1. Laminar combustion (fire bed combustion) is a way to distribute the fuel in a certain thickness on the grate for combustion, chain grate and reciprocating grate are two common ways of laminar combustion. ZOZEN’s DZL series coal/biomass boilers, SZL series coal/biomass boilers and DHL series coal/biomass boilers all belong to laminated combustion.
  2. Room combustion (suspension combustion) is a method of fuel suspension combustion with air injected into the furnace by the burner, generally applicable to liquid and gaseous fuels. The WNS series oil and gas boilers and SZS oil and gas boilers produced by ZOZEN belong to chamber combustion.
  3. Boiling combustion (fluidized bed combustion) is a way of burning fuel in fluidized boiling state on the boiling bed under the action of appropriate flow rate air. The circulating fluidized bed boilers produced by ZOZEN have the advantages of wide fuel adaptability, high combustion efficiency, wide range of load regulation and good environmental protection effect.
  4. Thermic fluid heater (organic heat carrier furnace) generally use coal, oil and gas as fuel and heat-conducting oil as medium, and use hot oil circulating oil pump to force the medium to carry out liquid-phase circulation, and then return the heat energy to the heating equipment and reheat it, mainly for low-pressure and high-temperature heating occasions.


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