Notes on the Use of Industrial Boilers

June 12, 2021

Nowadays, more and more large enterprises will use industrial boilers, including oil and gas boilers fueled by oil and gas, coal-fired boilers fueled by coal, biomass-fired boilers fueled by biomass pellets and heat-conducting oil boilers. Each boiler has unique advantages, such as high thermal efficiency, low nitrogen oxide emissions, low fuel consumption, etc. As an important heating equipment in large industrial production, it is also a special equipment, there is a certain degree of danger in the use, so we need to know what industrial boiler use points of attention is very important.

ZOZEN boiler produce base view
ZOZEN boiler produce base view

First of all, it is particularly important to choose a well-qualified industrial boiler manufacturer. For example, ZOZEN boiler has A-class boiler manufacturing license, BR II class pressure vessel manufacturing license, the United States ASME standard “S”, “U” license steel seal, and fully passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification. At the same time, it is a modern production enterprise with an annual production capacity of 12,000 steam tons of boilers, first-class production process equipment and complete testing means to ensure the quality of each boiler, users can rest assured that the use.

Secondly, when using industrial boiler equipment, must do a good job item precautions, especially the boiler operating environment is very poor, there will be equipment failure, easy to cause deformation of boiler-related parts, before using this boiler equipment must carefully check each part, a comprehensive inspection can help you find any problems, insulation, corrosion, or other problems, but also timely cleaning of the inside of the boiler, you can use a brush Scrubbing can be done to effectively clean the inside of the boiler.

Because industrial boiler equipment is often destructive and explosive hazards, especially this boiler equipment is in a high temperature state when working, there is a great load on the equipment itself, therefore, after a period of operation must do a good job of boiler equipment maintenance and maintenance work. Especially due to the influence of water quality, coal quality, operating parameters, the industrial boiler heating surface and other parts may appear corrosion, cracks and damage, and other phenomena, must be timely measures.

What should we pay attention to when using industrial boilers, you understand clearly, right? Because the industrial boiler knot is more complex, components are also more, each time in the use of the industrial boiler equipment, must be routine checks, but also to establish a monitoring system that allows employees to understand the latest situation inside the boiler, but also to pay attention to its correct use, regular maintenance and good maintenance.


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