Thermal Oil Heater Suppliers: Experience Efficiency and Reliability with ZOZEN

April 25, 2024

Thermal oil heaters, known for their efficient and reliable heating capabilities, are widely sought after by customers looking for energy-saving solutions. When it comes to choosing a trustworthy supplier, ZOZEN stands out as one of the leading thermal oil heater suppliers with over 30 years of experience. With a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ZOZEN is the preferred choice for those seeking high-performance thermal oil heaters.

ZOZEN’s Strength as One of the Most Reliable Thermal Oil Heater Suppliers:
Established in 1988, ZOZEN is a modern enterprise with a production capacity of 20,000 steam tons of boilers per year and covers an area of 150,000 square meters. The company holds an AAA credit rating and is recognized as an export-oriented famous brand enterprise. ZOZEN possesses an A-level boiler manufacturing license, A-level special equipment installation, modification license, as well as the American ASME standards “S” and “U” stamps, and D1, D2 pressure vessel manufacturing licenses.

High-Quality Thermal Oil Heater Products by ZOZEN:
ZOZEN offers a comprehensive range of thermal oil heater products, including the YQW series of oil/gas-fired horizontal thermal oil heaters. These heaters are available in both vertical and horizontal designs, each offering unique features to meet various customer requirements. The boilers are fully assembled at the factory and can be put into operation by simply connecting air (oil) and electricity on-site. Another product line is the YLW series of coal/biomass-fired horizontal thermal oil heaters. ZOZEN’s thermal oil heaters operate at a working pressure of 0.8 – 1 MPa and a working temperature of 320°C. These high quality products have made ZOZEN one of the leading thermal oil heater suppliers.

YQW Series Oil/Gas-Fired Horizontal Thermal Oil Heater:
Capacity range: 1400 – 14000 KW
Suitable fuels: natural gas, coke oven gas, biogas, heavy oil, diesel, light oil, etc.
Multi-layer densely arranged tube bundles and circular steel with multiple seals and fixed functions eliminate smoke short circuits.
Due to the significantly higher heat absorption of the inner coil, the design allows for a larger inner coil flow rate, ensuring safer and more reliable operation at high temperatures.
Optimized platforms, escalators, and top insulation reduce the furnace top temperature, protecting the boiler and burner.
This YQW series oil/gas-fired horizontal thermal oil heater has made ZOZEN one of the leading thermal oil heater suppliers.

YQL Series Oil/Gas-Fired Vertical Thermal Oil Heater:
Capacity range: 7000 – 29000 KW
Suitable fuels: natural gas, coke oven gas, biogas, heavy oil, diesel, light oil, etc.
Equipped with flanges and flange covers at both ends, facilitating boiler room pipeline installation and layout.
The boiler’s rear end is equipped with various types of energy-saving equipment, such as waste heat boilers, economizers, and air preheaters. By combining different configurations based on process conditions, the heat recovery from flue gas is maximized, reducing the boiler exhaust temperature to ≤90°C.
The boiler undergoes overall acceptance and is delivered as a complete unit, making installation, commissioning, and use more convenient. This YQW series oil/gas-fired vertical thermal oil heater has made ZOZEN one of the leading thermal oil heater suppliers.

YLW Series Coal/Biomass-Fired Horizontal Thermal Oil Heater:
Capacity range: 1400 – 29000 KW
Suitable fuels: bituminous coal, anthracite coal, biomass particles
Designed with multiple combustion chambers to adapt to various types of organic heat carrier boilers and different fuel characteristics, including class II and III bituminous coal, anthracite coal, and various biomass fuels.
Equipped with an effective ash cleaning structure for easy maintenance, operation, and cleaning.
The boiler has a service life of up to 20 years when used correctly following the operational manual. This YLW series has made ZOZEN one of the leading thermal oil heater suppliers.

thermal oil heater suppliers
YLW thermal oil heater case

ZOZEN’s Collaboration with the Thai Food Industry:
The Thai food industry recently ordered the YQL series gas-fired vertical thermal oil heater from ZOZEN. This product caters to the precise temperature control needs of their rice noodle production line. Notably, ZOZEN, as one of the leading thermal oil heater suppliers, has established a dedicated service center in Thailand to quickly respond to local customers’ needs, including installation guidance, technical consultations, and after-sales maintenance. Impressed by the superior boiler products and comprehensive service system, the Thai food factory visited ZOZEN’s boiler production base and successfully signed a cooperation agreement for the YQL series thermal oil heater project.

In conclusion, ZOZEN as one of the leading thermal oil heater suppliers, offers high quality thermal oil heaters to provide efficient, safe, and reliable heating solutions. With a strong track record, extensive product range, and commitment to customer satisfaction, ZOZEN is the trusted choice for thermal oil heater suppliers.


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