Types of Industrial Boilers: Promoting ZOZEN, the Leading Industrial Boiler Company

April 19, 2024

Introduction to Types of Industrial Boilers
In modern industries, industrial boilers are indispensable equipment. Types of industrial boilers can be classified based on the medium they operate with, including steam boilers, hot water boilers, and thermal oil boilers. Types of industrial boilers can also be categorized based on installation methods, such as packaged boilers, modular boilers, and field-erected boilers. Furthermore, types of industrial boilers can be classified by their evaporation capacity, ranging from small, medium, to large boilers. Lastly, boilers can be categorized based on the type of fuel they use, including coal-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers, and gas-fired boilers. When choosing an industrial boiler, fuel type is often a crucial consideration. Among the industrial boiler companies, ZOZEN stands out for its reputation in providing safe, stable, and energy-efficient types of industrial boilers, making it favored by enterprises worldwide.

ZOZEN’s Range of Industrial Boiler Products
ZOZEN offers a diverse range of types of industrial boilers categorized by fuel type, including oil and gas boilers, biomass boilers, and coal-fired boilers.

ZOZEN Oil and Gas Steam Boilers
ZOZEN oil and gas steam boilers, as one of the types of industrial boilers, excel in energy efficiency, with thermal efficiencies exceeding 98%. They are also environmentally friendly, with NOx emissions as low as 30mg/Nm3. The thermal capacity of these boilers ranges from 1t/h to a maximum of 130t/h. ZOZEN’s oil and gas steam boilers are divided into three series: the WNS series condensing horizontal internal combustion boiler, the SZS series double-drum vertically positioned boiler, and the ZZ series medium-temperature and medium-pressure boiler. Among them, the newly developed WNS series oil/gas skid-mounted steam boiler features an integrated design, where all auxiliary equipment is integrated on a skid, resulting in a compact structure and reduced footprint. This unique design allows for excellent mobility and flexibility of the entire system.

ZOZEN Biomass Steam Boilers
ZOZEN biomass steam boilers, as one of the types of industrial boilers, stand out for their wide fuel applicability, including biomass pellets, wood chips, palm shells, straw, and more. They offer stable and worry-free operation, resolving issues such as ash and slag formation, wear and tear, burning to the front arch and hopper. The thermal capacity of these boilers starts from 2t/h and can reach up to 75t/h. Among the popular models, the SZL series biomass steam boiler is a chain grate water tube boiler designed by ZOZEN based on international advanced technology and experience. Equipped with independent air chambers, it allows for adjusting the air distribution based on the boiler capacity or combustion conditions, ensuring thorough fuel combustion.

ZOZEN Coal-Fired Steam Boilers
The outstanding advantages of ZOZEN coal-fired steam boiler are safety, stability and high thermal efficiency. ZOZEN offers coal-fired steam boilers, as one of the types of industrial boilers, with a thermal capacity ranging from 2t/h to 75t/h. ZOZEN’s coal-fired boilers include the SZL series double-drum vertically positioned chain grate boiler, the DZL series single-drum vertically positioned chain grate boiler, the DHL series angle tube chain grate boiler, and the SHL series double-drum bulk chain grate boiler. The mature and stable DZL series quick-installed boiler is a horizontal chain grate boiler that adopts a unique three-pass water-fire tube design, effectively solving the issue of tube plate cracking in traditional fire-tube boilers. The threaded smoke tubes increase the residence time of high-temperature flue gases, enhancing heat transfer with a coefficient 1.8 times higher than that of ordinary smoke tubes.

types of industrial boilers
SZL coal-fired steam boiler case

ZOZEN’s Customer Case Studies
ZOZEN provided a 2-ton DZL series coal-fired steam boiler, one of the types of industrial boilers, and customized an outer packing iron case for the boiler to protect the auxiliary equipment and facilitate customs inspection for the feed production industry in Kazakhstan. ZOZEN offers attentive and dedicated services to ensure the integrity and smoothness of equipment transportation and installation for its customers.

ZOZEN’s Lean Manufacturing Facility
ZOZEN is committed to implementing lean manufacturing in its operations, including information management and on-site 6S management. Currently, ZOZEN is a pioneer in the industry, establishing four major databases for boiler selection, design, process, and inspection, and implementing comprehensive computerized information management while building an industrial internet platform. Under the unified deployment of the MES production execution system, each department efficiently collaborates, promoting the orderly progress of various boiler projects.

As a reliable partner in the field of different types of industrial boilers, ZOZEN offers a wide range of high-quality products that cater to various fuel types. ZOZEN’s boilers are known for their superior performance in terms of safety, stability, and energy efficiency. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, ZOZEN has established a strong presence in the global market.


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