Unveiling the Different Types of Boilers Used in Textile Industry: Discover ZOZEN’s Cutting-Edge Solutions

April 17, 2024

The textile industry relies heavily on industrial boilers due to the diverse heating and energy utilization processes involved. From high-temperature heating for printing and gold stamping to ample hot water requirements for dyeing and washing, and the widespread use of steam in spinning, weaving, and dyeing, boilers play a crucial role. As a leading industrial boiler manufacturer, ZOZEN has offered different types of boilers used in textile industry, gaining deep insights into their unique boiler needs.

ZOZEN’s Extensive Product Types of Boilers Used in Textile Industry:
In response to the specific demands of the textile industry, ZOZEN offers a comprehensive range of steam, hot water, and thermal oil boilers.

Steam Boilers, One of the Types of Boilers Used in Textile Industry
Fuel Diversity: ZOZEN’s steam types of boilers used in textile industry are available in various fuel options, including oil and gas, biomass, and coal-fired boilers, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.
Capacity Range: ZOZEN steam boilers can cater to the steam requirements of textile enterprises of all sizes, with capacities ranging from 1t/h to an impressive 130t/h.
High-Quality Steam Generation: ZOZEN’s steam boilers are equipped with appropriately sized steam drums and steam-water separation devices, minimizing carryover and ensuring high-quality steam, thereby enhancing system thermal efficiency.
Environmental Sustainability: ZOZEN steam boilers incorporate low-NOx burners and advanced low-NOx combustion technology, resulting in NOx emissions ≤30mg/Nm³, aligning with the textile industry’s growing emphasis on eco-friendly practices.

types of boilers used in textile industry
DZL series biomass steam boiler case

Thermal Oil Boilers, Important Types of Boilers Used in Textile Industry
Fuel Versatility: ZOZEN thermal oil boilers are suitable for a wide range of fuels, including natural gas, coke oven gas, biogas, heavy oil, diesel, and light oil, providing textile enterprises with flexibility in fuel selection.
Impressive Capacity: ZOZEN’s thermal oil boilers can reach a maximum capacity of 29,000 kW, allowing for efficient and reliable thermal energy supply.
Innovative Technology: ZOZEN’s thermal oil boilers are crafted with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring high energy efficiency and shortened oil boiling time.
Easy Installation: The export collection box of ZOZEN’s thermal oil boilers is designed with a two-end flange and flange cover structure, facilitating seamless boiler room pipeline installation and configuration.
Customer Success Story:
ZOZEN successfully supplied and installed an advanced 15-ton reciprocating grate three-drum biomass steam boiler, one of the types of boilers used in textile industry, for the textile industry in Pakistan. This project not only showcased ZOZEN’s technical prowess but also strengthened its reputation in the international market.

Hot Water Boilers, Another Types of Boilers Used in Textile Industry
Fuel Flexibility: ZOZEN’s hot water types of boilers used in textile industry offer multiple fuel choices, including oil and gas, biomass, and coal-fired boilers, enabling textile enterprises to select the most suitable option.
Capacity Range: ZOZEN hot water boilers are available in a broad range of capacities, from a minimum of 1.4MW to a maximum of 116MW, addressing the diverse hot water demands of textile companies.
Full Membrane Wall Structure: ZOZEN’s hot water boilers feature a specialized combustion chamber design with narrow-spaced tube membrane water-cooled walls, ensuring superior airtightness, minimal heat loss, and a comb-type plate fully sealed welding design between upper and lower drums, preventing smoke and water leakage.
Convenient Operations: ZOZEN’s hot water boilers are equipped with advanced control systems, enabling user-friendly operation and maintenance, even in unmanned settings.

Emphasizing Energy Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility:
The textile industry places increasing importance on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. By opting for ZOZEN’s energy-saving and low-emission industrial boilers, textile enterprises can significantly reduce energy consumption and minimize their environmental footprint. With a production capacity of 20,000 steam tons per year and a global customer base spanning over a hundred countries, ZOZEN is committed to designing boiler solutions tailored to the specific energy and environmental requirements of the textile industry.

ZOZEN’s extensive lineup of industrial boilers caters to the diverse heating and energy needs of the textile industry. With a focus on energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and customized solutions, ZOZEN, offering different types of boilers used in textile industry, has become a trusted partner for textile enterprises worldwide. By choosing ZOZEN’s boilers, textile companies can optimize their production processes, reduce energy consumption, and contribute to a greener future for the industry.


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