ZOZEN’s Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler-A Reliable Choice

April 23, 2024

A thermal oil boiler is a heat energy device that utilizes thermal oil as the medium for heat transfer. Among the various types available, the coal fired thermal oil boiler stands out as a reliable and efficient choice. ZOZEN, a renowned industrial boiler manufacturer, offers coal fired thermal oil boilers that excel in combustion efficiency and environmental friendliness. With the keyword “coal fired thermal oil boiler” mentioned 10 times throughout the article, let’s delve into the features and advantages of ZOZEN’s product.

Product Overview:
ZOZEN provides the YLW series, a high-quality line of coal fired thermal oil boilers. These boilers feature a compact design with a horizontal chain grate assembly and a square coil structure. The separation of the chain grate and boiler body allows for convenient on-site assembly. The YLW series adopts a mechanical coal feeding system, employing a chain grate for coal addition. Mechanical ventilation is achieved using forced draft and induced draft fans, while a slag discharging machine ensures efficient residue removal. With a capacity ranging from 1400 to 29000 KW and operating parameters of 0.8-1 MPa and 320°C, the YLW series coal fired thermal oil boiler offers excellent performance.

Advantages of the YLW Series Coal fired Thermal Oil Boiler:
Wide Fuel Adaptability: The YLW series accommodates various fuel types, including bituminous coal, lean coal, and smokeless coal.
Enhanced Thermal Efficiency: With a custom-designed system, the YLW series coal fired thermal oil boiler achieves over 5% higher thermal efficiency compared to conventional systems.
Long Service Life: By following the operation manual, users can expect a boiler lifespan of up to 20 years.
Tailor-Made Solutions: ZOZEN offers personalized options such as flue gas waste heat recovery systems and customized boiler room layout plans, optimizing user benefits.
Optimized Heating Surfaces: The YLW series features optimized convective heating surfaces with a reliable fixed and support structure, ensuring prolonged durability.
Versatile Combustion Chambers: Designed to accommodate different organic heat carrier boilers and fuel types, the YLW series supports a variety of combustions, including class II, class III, and smokeless coals.
Energy Efficiency: ZOZEN’s YLW series utilizes advanced technology to achieve high efficiency and energy savings, resulting in shorter heating times.

coal fired thermal oil boiler
YLW series coal fired thermal oil boiler case

Success Story: Collaboration with the Vietnamese Textile Industry:
ZOZEN partnered with several garment manufacturing companies in Vietnam, supplying them with a set of 3 million kcal YLW series coal fired thermal oil boilers for their production lines. These boilers proved invaluable as they operate at lower pressures while achieving higher working temperatures, meeting the diverse temperature requirements of various processes involved in textile production. Customers have praised ZOZEN’s thermal oil boilers for their stable heating performance and excellent efficiency. Equipped with a fully automatic control system, the boilers allow precise control of working temperature and other critical parameters, meeting the specific production needs of the garment industry.

Quality Assurance:
Committed to improving production efficiency and ensuring product quality, ZOZEN has introduced advanced process equipment and developed several production and processing technologies. Their state-of-the-art automated production lines and patented technologies set industry standards. ZOZEN strictly adheres to digital material feeding, automated welding, and modular assembly processes, guaranteeing exceptional quality in every boiler including the coal fired thermal oil boiler they manufacture.

ZOZEN’s coal fired thermal oil boilers, including the YLW series, offer numerous advantages such as wide fuel adaptability, enhanced thermal efficiency, and long service life. Their collaboration with the Vietnamese textile industry exemplifies their expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction. With advanced production equipment and stringent quality control measures, ZOZEN ensures that every boiler they produce is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and reliability.thermal oil boiler industry.partner for businesses seeking efficient and sustainable thermal oil boiler solutions in the industrial sector.


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