1 Ton Oil-fired Boiler Price in Venezuela

Oil-fired boiler refers to a new type of environmental protection boiler that burns light oil or heavy oil, which is also the mainstream of industrial boiler products at present. And a one-ton oil-fired boiler refers to a boiler with rated evaporation capacity of 1 ton or rated thermal power of 0.7MW, which means that it can produce 1 ton of hot water or steam per hour. There are 1 ton, 2 ton, 4 ton and 6 ton oil-fired boilers commonly used in production and processing. Oil-fired boilers are one of the equipment needed by enterprises in the future. When choosing oil-fired boiler products, users will first understand the product parameters, such as thermal efficiency, fuel consumption, boiler size, boiler weight, etc., and what users are most concerned about is the price of oil-fired boiler.

WNS oil fired boilers for Venezuela
WNS oil fired boilers for Venezuela

Applicable scope of 1 ton oil-fired boiler price: steam for food processing, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical production; steam for disinfection in medical institutions; steam for heating in other enterprises and hotels; domestic hot water can also be provided through water tank heating.


Oil-fired Boiler Features

  1. High efficiency: Horizontal boilers adopts large furnace tank, high radiation surface, central backburning, full combustion air, high utilization rate of heated area. By using the technology of setting up a flow sheet in the smoke pipe, not only the heat transfer surface can be expanded, but also the self-cleaning function of smoke pipe can effectively reduce the heat resistance and improve the heat conduction effect. The boiler is a firework tube boiler under the burner, and the fuel is atomized and burned in a flat furnace with micro-positive pressure. Multilayer insulation with advanced centrifugal glass wool reduces heat loss to the minimum.
  2. Environmental protection: The use of a reasonable backburning design, harmful gas NOX emissions to a minimum, in line with the strict environmental requirements.
  3. Safety: Atmospheric pressure vessel adopts pressure connection structure, which is safe and reliable, with long service life. It has multiple interlocking protection functions, such as overtemperature, water break, overload, ignition failure, abnormal fire, gas boiler pressure, gas leak self-test and alarm.
three pass oil fired steam boiler
three pass oil fired steam boiler

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