20 Ton Hot Water Boiler Capacity

The boiler’s power (or output) is the amount of heat produced by the boiler per hour. The power of hot water boilers is expressed as MW(1MW=1000kW) or card/hour (KCAL /h). The power of the 20 ton hot water boiler is 14MW, and the calculation method of gas consumption is as follows: the thermal power/natural gas heating value of the gas-fired boiler per hour is 8600 CAL/thermal efficiency 98% equal to the gas consumption per hour. According to the above calculation formula, the gas consumption of 20 ton gas-fired hot water boilers can also be put into: 14MW*3600S/37MJ/98%=1480Nm3/h.

20 ton hot water boiler
20 ton hot water boiler

Conversion of Capacity and Efficiency

  1. Boiler capacity and boiler thermal efficiency: 1 ton/hour (T /h)≈60×104 kcal (large calorie)/ hour (KCAL /h)≈ 0.7 MW (MW) ≈720K KW (KW)
  2. Boiler capacity and boiler horsepower 1 t/h (T /h)≈71.1 Boiler horsepower (BHP)
  3. Boiler pressure engineering unit and international unit of measurement 1 Mpa (Mpa)≈10 kg force /cm2 (KGF /cm2)
  4. Mpa and pa 1 Mpa =106 pa 1 pa =0.01mbar(millibar)≈ 10-5 kg force /cm2 (engineering atmospheric pressure)(KGF /cm2) 1 pa (pa)≈0.1 mm water column (mmH2O)
  5. Force and Gravity force of 1 kg (KGF)=9.81 Newtons (N)
  6. Heat 1 kcal (Kcal)=4.187 KJ (KJ)
  7. Volume (volume) 1 cubic meter (m3)=1000 liters (L) 1 liter (L)=1000 ML


Advantages of WNS Gas-fired Hot Water Boiler

  1. Low cost: The implementation of the West-east gas transmission reduces the price of natural gas and the fuel cost accordingly; Condensing WNS oil-fired and gas-fired boiler has high combustion efficiency, fuel saving and low fuel investment cost. Full bevel butt-weld, long safety life and low maintenance cost.
  1. High thermal efficiency: The WNS type oil-fired and gas-fired boiler is equipped with a flue gas condensation recovery device at the end, which can effectively control the exhaust temperature and achieve high thermal efficiency; Adopt automatic burner, feed water adopt continuous electric adjustment, combustion efficiency is high.
  2. Safe and stable: Condensing WNS type oil-gas boiler design overtemperature, overpressure, water shortage, leak detection, extinguishing and other protective functions, safe and reliable boiler operation.
  3. Space saving: ZOZEN condensing WNS type oil and gas boiler adopts quick installation structure. The whole boiler is designed on the base with strong rigidity, which is easy to install and transport, saving the space occupied by the boiler room.
  4. Wide range of application: ZOZEN condensing type being fuel gas boiler is widely used in hospitals, schools, textile mills, garment factories, large supermarket, garment factories, dyeing factory, hotel, dining room, restaurant, food factory, beverage factory, soy products, meat products factory, cannery, brewery, pharmaceutical factory, packaging plant, building materials factory, paint factory, swimming pool and other places of the enterprises and institutions.
25 ton gas fired boiler
25 ton gas fired boiler

20 ton hot water boiler is mainly composed of boiler body, connecting flue, burner, soda water system, instrument, energy saver, and condenser and so on. Clean combustion, pollution-free emission, convenient operation and sufficient output. The price will vary according to the boiler model and parameters. If you would like to know the quotation, please contact our sales manager as soon as possible.


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