10tph Biomass Steam Boiler in Philippines

Usually 10tph biomass boilers include biomass steam boilers and biomass hot water boilers. The steam boiler is basically used to provide steam for steam raising, drying and so on. The hot water boiler provides hot water for heating and bathing. 10tph biomass steam Boiler is the most common Boiler tonnage. The biomass Boiler produced by ZOZEN Boiler has a full range of models and can be customized to suit the actual needs of users.

10tph biomass steam boiler in Philippines
10tph biomass steam boiler in Philippines

Biomass fuel as a renewable energy is the most appropriate industrial boiler product under the circumstances of severe energy shortage and environmental pollution. Besides, biomass has low sulfur content, low nitrogen content, and low NOx and SO2 content after combustion. The ash content in biomass is generally very small, so the soot content is very low after full combustion. At the same time, biomass combustion process has the characteristics of CO2 ‘0’ emission, and the development and utilization of biomass energy has a broad prospect.


ZOZEN production of 10tph biomass steam boiler models have a chain grate boiler, rice husk, straw biomass, biomass fast loading bulk biomass boiler, biomass boiler, biomass power plant boiler, etc., different models of boiler capacity is different scope of different pages, like the rice husk boiler, is a kind of using rice husk, straw, straw, bark, marginal waste as fuel, used for power generation of biomass boilers.

biomass fired boiler
biomass fired boiler

Performance Advantages of 10tph Biomass Steam Boiler

  1. High calorific value and good combustion. Biomass molding fuel, calorific value between 3,200 and 5,280 calories, combustion temperature as high as 1,060 ℃, combustion rate of more than 95%.
  2. Long burning time. The straw is crushed, pressurized and formed with a density of 0.9-1.4g/cm3. The volume of the formed product is only 1/30 of the original straw, which greatly extends the burning time and is 10-15 times of the original straw of the same weight, making it easy to store and transport.
  3. Abundant and renewable resources. At present, China’s agricultural biomass straw production has exceeded 700 million tons, abundant resources, has a strong environmental advantage. Conservation protects resources, is renewable and sustainable.
  4. Wide application. Biomass fuel is widely used in living, decentralized heating, bath centers, industrial boilers for industrial coal, fuel shortage opened up a new way.
  5. Green, environmental protection and low-carbon. Biomass fuel has high heat, high density, ash content of 5%, sulfur content below 5, the remaining after combustion is high-quality potash fertilizer can be reused, and normal combustion without smoke and black smoke emissions, carbon dioxide is almost zero emissions, to meet the national environmental requirements.


Biomass boiler combustion efficiency is high, operating cost saving 5-10%. Widely used in food factory, aluminum factory, tire factory, paper factory, textile factory, hotel, hospital, school, oil refinery, drying, beverage factory, plastic factory, etc. Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler is a professional boiler manufacturer dedicated to producing high quality industrial boilers for many years. Our boilers have complete product models and certificates for safe and stable operation. Our boilers have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, such as the Philippines, Africa, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, gas boilers are exported to the United States, Japan and other developed countries, highly praised and trusted by customers.


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