Steam Boiler Used In Textile Industry in Bangladesh

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The demand for steam and hot water in the textile printing and dyeing industry is very large. For such a relatively traditional industry, whether it is a textile factory or a printing and dyeing factory, the industrial steam boiler is one of the necessary equipment. A lot of steam was needed for pulping, dyeing, drying, pressing and so on in textile mills, and the advent of boilers facilitated this industry with the development of technology.

wns gas oil fired steam boiler
wns gas oil fired steam boiler

The steam quality of boiler has a decisive influence on the dyeing and drying quality of textile mills. The fuel consumption of steam boiler in textile mills is generally large, so the choice of gas-fired steam boiler in textile mills at home and abroad can not only effectively improve the textile quality of textile enterprises, improve production efficiency, but also reduce the labor cost and operating cost of steam boiler. The advantages of gas-fired boiler, full automatic operation, up to 98% thermal efficiency, can also effectively save operating costs for users, it has become the preferred choice of many textile industry users at home and abroad.


ZOZEN Company produced WNS oil and gas steam boiler structure, simple manufacturing process, short manufacturing period, easy installation and operation. In addition, combined with a number of advanced technologies, the boiler equipment combustion efficiency and energy efficiency are very high. Therefore, it does save time and operating costs for textile enterprises.

ylw thermal oil heater
ylw thermal oil heater

In addition to steam, the textile factory also needs heat sources with higher temperature for printing, dyeing and hot pressing. After using the thermal oil boiler, the thermal oil heater heats the thermal oil to a high temperature above 300°C, and the heat consumption machine returns the heat transfer medium to the boiler for circulation use. Therefore, steam boilers and thermal oil boilers are more suitable for textile mills. ZOZEN provides 5 million kcal YLW series chain grate thermal oil boilers for users engaged in the Textile industry in Pakistan.


YLW series boiler of ZOZEN boiler is a heat carrier boiler developed on the basis of chain grate, which can be used as the high temperature heat source for various temperatures below 350℃, realizing high temperature and low pressure heating for dyeing, drying, sizing, printing and dyeing in textile enterprises. The front of the furnace body is the radiation heating surface of the furnace, which is composed of double square coil tubes with dense row. The rear part is convection; Medium brush heating surface composed of snakelike bundles. The boiler is composed of upper body and lower chain grate. The air preheater is arranged behind the boiler. The high-temperature flue gas generated by combustion is partially sucked away in the furnace chamber, and then transferred to the convective heating surface for heat transfer through the smoke chamber. The flue gas is heated into the boiler in the air preheater, and then sent to the chimney by the induced draft fan through the dust collector and discharged into the atmosphere.


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