How Much Oil Required to Produce One Ton Steam

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Industrial oil-fired boilers is a working process in which the heat energy generated by burning light oil or heavy oil is converted into energy and transferred to the water in the boiler, so that the water temperature rises, gasification occurs and steam is finally produced. The fuels available include diesel oil, waste oil, heavy oil, residual oil or crude oil, etc. Different combustion engines are used according to the different needs of oil products. Oil-fired steam boiler is widely used in manufacturing industry (chemical industry, petroleum processing, coking, paper making, agricultural and sideline food processing, etc.), mining industry, power and heat industry, construction industry and other industrial fields, also used in enterprise products cooking, sterilization, disinfection, fixation and so on.

szs oil-fired One ton steam boiler
szs oil-fired boiler

As a new type of clean energy boiler, diesel oil is the most commonly used fuel for oil-fired boiler. Although the emerging methanol fuel is also very environmentally friendly, more customers are optimistic about diesel because of the accumulation of applications based on diesel. In addition, the price of light diesel fuel is indeed cheaper than methanol fuel, which will greatly reduce the operating cost of oil-fired boiler. In the process of purchasing a boiler, in addition to the brand, tonnage and efficiency, the customer is most concerned about another problem is the boiler’s oil consumption. So how much diesel does a diesel steam boiler need to produce a ton of steam?


Oil-fired steam boiler products can be divided into horizontal oil-fired steam boilers, vertical oil-fired boiler, small oil-fired steam boilers, medium oil fired steam boiler, large oil-fired steam boiler and so on. Among them, 1 ton horizontal oil-fired boiler is a relatively common type of boiler. It refers to the boiler with rated evaporation capacity of 1 ton, which means that it can produce one ton steam per hour.


Oil consumption of oil-fired steam boiler per hour =3600* thermal power/diesel calorific value/boiler efficiency. If diesel is used, the fuel consumption is about 132kg per hour. It can be told that a 1 ton diesel steam boiler can produce 1 ton of steam per hour, so the fuel consumption of a 1 ton diesel boiler is about 70 liters. However, the calculation of how much fuel a 2-ton diesel boiler consumes per hour is not simply 140 liters, but depends on the specific use of the boiler and the thermal efficiency of its design. Generally speaking, the higher the design thermal efficiency, the smaller the boiler fuel consumption.


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