1 Ton to 10 Tons Gas Fired Steam Boiler for Sale

December 1, 2022

Industrial boilers have always played an indispensable role in the development of the building materials industry. ZOZEN boiler brand is well received in the construction industry aerated blocks, plate manufacturing and other industries, and industrial steam boilers provide sufficient steam heat source support for the processing and production of construction materials. As one of the important supporting equipment, the industrial boiler provides high temperature, high humidity and airtight environmental conditions for the autoclave maintenance of aerated concrete blocks, which is crucial to ensure the finished product’s qualified rate.

Generally speaking, the more suitable temperature for autoclaved maintenance of aerated concrete is above 175℃. Industrial boilers provide heat for autoclaves, pre-curing kilns and other heat-using equipment. For the characteristics of the aerated concrete industry, the use of steam boiler outlet parameters are generally 1.6MPa saturated steam, temperature 204 ℃, which can meet the actual use of each process needs.

ZOZEN gas fired steam boiler for sale
ZOZEN gas fired steam boiler for sale

After clarifying the actual needs of the building material production line, ZOZEN boiler provides the design of the whole system of boiler room to ensure the foolproof of the building material processing line. ZOZEN WNS series gas fired steam boilers have wide fuel adaptability and sufficient output, and with energy-saving equipment, their thermal efficiency can reach over 98%, which reduces production costs for customers and thus enhances the core competitiveness of products.

The control system of ZOZEN WNS series gas boiler is highly automated, with boiler water level and steam pressure control, alarm and interlock device, which is not only easy to maintain and ensure the safety of boiler operation, but also more efficient and energy-saving. As there will be a large amount of condensate recovery in the production of aerated concrete blocks, ZOZEN boiler technicians adopt the design of air preheater + energy saver and spiral finned tube energy saver at the end of the gas boiler, which improves the boiler inlet water temperature and reduces the exhaust smoke temperature through the recycling of high temperature flue gas, realizing the expected goal of cost reduction and efficiency improvement of the enterprise.

high efficiency industrial steam boiler
high efficiency industrial steam boiler

In recent years, the building materials industry has ushered in a broad space for development. ZOZEN boilers will continue to be committed to the improvement and upgrading of industrial boiler for sale, to help the healthy development of major building materials enterprises, to participate in deeper and broader cooperation, and thus drive the high-quality sustainable development of the entire building materials industry. Welcome to contact ZOZEN for product information at any time.


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