10tons Gas Oil Boiler for Sale in Pakistan

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ZOZEN 10tons gas oil boiler has a thermal efficiency of more than 98%, and the exhaust temperature is below 80℃. It is an efficient, energy saving and environmental protection industrial boiler equipment. The gas oil boiler adopts high standard, high quality auxiliary machines, accessories and automatic control equipment, to ensure the safety of the boiler, stable operation, and reduce the labor intensity of operator. ZOZEN oil and gas boilers use international famous brand burners and advanced automatic control system to make the boiler more stable combustion, more sufficient combustion, and more convenient operation, and more reliable and safe operation, short installation cycle. The boiler adopts the whole butt weld wet-back structure, which avoids the possibility that the back wall is scour and damaged by high temperature flue gas, and ensures the reliable operation of the boiler. The combustor adopts waveform furnace, which effectively reduces the thermal stress of the boiler and improves the safety performance and service life of the boiler.

ZOZEN 10 tons gas oil fired boiler
ZOZEN 10 tons gas oil fired boiler

10tons gas oil boiler applications in various industries are very common, but many users quotation for boiler, boiler size and weight is not very understanding, so that it is bad judgment transport and boiler room size, with 10 tons SZS gas boiler as an example, the largest dimension is 7.87 * 3.4 * 3.4 m, is the largest shipping weight of 40 tons, and WNS series 10 tons boiler maximum transport size is 7.65 * 2.87 * 3.1 m, the largest shipping weight is 25.8 tons.

ZOZEN can produce lots of gas boiler models , the size and weight between different models are different, if you want to learn more fuel and gas boiler size and weight information model, also need to let us know the actual demand, so engineers can recommend suitable boiler model according to your demand, can according to the model accurately obtain boiler size and weight.

10 tons steam boiler can be widely used in chemical plant, fertilizer plant, paper mill, printing and dyeing factory, clothing factory, tire factory, rubber factory, food factory, beverage factory, cardboard factory, packaging factory and so on; 10 tons  oil gas hot water boilers are mostly used for heating and hot water supply. 10 tons boiler is equivalent to 7MW, and the heating area of the original area can reach 100,000, which is higher than that of boilers in the same industry.

industrial boiler control system
industrial boiler control system

With the increasing demand in foreign markets and the increasing overseas coverage, the company has successively completed cooperation projects in Russia, Tanzania, Malaysia, Peru and other countries. The equipment of Pakistan’s 10 ton oil gas fired boiler project was delivered smoothly on schedule, including the body and supporting auxiliary machines (including instrument valves, energy savers, continuous rows and fixed rows), etc. ZOZEN boiler products quality, comprehensive and meticulous service, has been recognized by customers. We provide online consulting service 24 hours a day, please contact us.


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