Industrial Gas Boilers for Sale

December 20, 2022

The basic working principle of industrial gas fuel water tube boilers: the burner fully burns the gas, and the heat is transferred to the intermediate medium-water in the shell of the boiler through radiation and convection conduction. The water is heated to produce steam to meet user needs.

industrial gas fired stam boiler

The structure of the boiler is mainly composed of the boiler body, automatic burner and automatic control system. The boiler is a horizontal shell-and-tube internal combustion fire tube boiler, which adopts a central back-fired three-return structure, that is, the flue gas is ejected from the front burner, turns through the furnace liner to the front smoke chamber, and then enters the third return smoke tube after entering The smoke box is then discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. Among them, the smoke pipe adopts a threaded pipe structure, which has the characteristics of enhanced heat transfer and can reduce the convection heating surface of the boiler. Due to the three-return structure of the central flashback of the furnace type, the door structure is used for easy maintenance and repair. The secondary flashback secondary combustion in the high temperature area makes the combustion efficiency higher.

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Gas / oil fired boiler:
WNS series 1 – 20 t/h steam boiler; 0.7 – 14 MW hot water boiler;
SZS series 20 – 110 t/h steam boiler; 7 – 116 MW hot water boilers;

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