10.5MW Gas Oil Thermal Oil Heaters Used for Rubber Mill

Available industries: Rubber Mill
Project boiler medium:HMO (Heat Medium Oil)

10.5MW gas oil thermal oil heaters

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Case Introduction

Rubber production includes plasticizing, calendering, pressing, molding and vulcanization, and all of these production links need oil and gas heat conduction oil boilers to provide stable heat energy. For the rubber mill boiler tonnage is relatively large, so the thermal oil heaters than other types of industrial boiler is more suitable. This boiler heat conduction oil forced circulation, low pressure and high temperature, can be stable in all levels of load, thermal efficiency can be maintained at a constant level.

In the manufacturing process of rubber materials, vulcanization needs to be heated at 190-220°C, so the gas oil thermal oil heaters have a unique advantage in rubber plants. It can reach high temperature under normal pressure; the construction cost of boilers is lower than that of steam boilers. Moreover, the oil can transfer heat more steadily, thus ensuring that the product can reach the correct temperature, thus allowing the process to run more accurately. ZOZEN’s 10.5MW oil gas heat conducting oil boiler is compact and is shipped as a unit.

Customer Feedback

Thermal fluid heater is necessary in rubber products manufacturing plants, and it can reach high temperature under low pressure. ZOZEN is one of the few suppliers who is good at both steam boiler and thermal fluid heater, we are satisfied with ZOZEN’s quality and service. ZOZEN is a professional industrial boiler supplier who with strong strength, professional staff and comprehensive and attentive service, we hope to continue our cooperation next time.


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