2 Ton Package Chain Grate Biomass Steam Boilers

DZL series package chain grate biomass steam boilers refer to the drum is a single drum structure design; adopt longitudinal steam boiler products with chain grate. Its fuel biomass particles, can also burn coal, wood and other fuels, its tail is equipped with a economizer, the elimination of residue can be used as crops fertilizer, it is an energy saving and environmental protection boiler product.

2 ton DZL series biomass steam boilers capacity is  2 ton , it can produce 2 ton steam per hour, the biomass pellet fuel moisture is less than or equal to 15%, the density in 800-1000, it is the fuel by the automatic feeding machine evenly to the grate, which make the fuel on the fire grate push to the burning in the hearth, output after combustion heat energy conversion, the working process of the heat water for steam production.

package chain grate biomass steam boiler
package chain grate biomass steam boiler

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2 ton DZL series package chain grate biomass steam boiler parameters:

  1. The use of a larger furnace design, the heating area is increased, so that the fuel in the furnace can be fully mixed with air for greater combustion; reduce carbon accumulation, its thermal efficiency in more than 82%.
  2. The drum adopts single return thread smoke pipe, which can enhance the heat transfer effect. At the same time, the thread smoke pipe has the function of self-cleaning ash, which can avoid the phenomenon of ash accumulation in the smoke pipe.
  3. An independent adjusting air chamber is arranged below the grate, and the air can be entered on both sides, so that the proportion of the adjusting wind speed interface reaches 100%, and the adjustment is flexible, and the wind is more uniform.
  4. The use of chain grate design, fuel automatic feeding, through the computer control cabinet control, the operation is relatively simple, do not need personnel have been guarding.


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