2 Tonne Diesel Boiler Fuel Consumption

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Oil-fired boilers include oil-fired boiling water boilers, oil-fired hot water boilers, oil-fired heating boilers, oil-fired bath boilers, and oil-fired steam boilers. Oil-fired boilers refer to boilers that use light oil (such as diesel, kerosene), heavy oil, residue oil, or crude oil as fuel.


The calculation formula is the fuel consumption per hour of the oil-fired boiler = 3600 * heat power / diesel heating value / boiler efficiency. If it is burning diesel, the fuel consumption per hour is about 132kg. It has a great correlation with factors such as thermal power, diesel calorific value and boiler efficiency. In fact, when coal, oil, and gas are selected as the three combustion raw materials, coal, in terms of current environmental protection requirements, will gradually dilute the market in the future, and there will be more applications of oil and gas, so there is a trade-off the layout of gas pipelines will have a great impact on gas transportation. In comparison, using gas will be more troublesome. Therefore, in comparison, the application of oil-fired boilers also occupies a part of the market.


2 ton diesel boiler 2020


2 ton diesel hot water boiler:

Fuel consumption calculation formula: G = hot water output * (enthalpy of enthusiasm-enthalpy of incoming water) / (low-level heating value * thermal efficiency), low-level heating value of diesel fuel = 42652kj / kg; low-level heating value of gasoline = 43061kj / kg; Low heat value of crude oil / heavy oil = 44833kj / kg; Low heat value of residual oil = 37646kj / kg;


2 ton oil-fired steam boiler:

The fuel steam boiler is also a diesel steam boiler with an hourly steam output of D1 = 500 kg; the rated steam pressure is 1.0 MPa. Check the saturated steam pressure gauge to obtain the fuel vapor enthalpy i2 = 2771.1 kJ / kg at the working pressure. In general, the boiler feed water temperature is 20 ° C, then the feed water enthalpy i1 = 83.74 kJ / kg; the low-level heating value of 0 # light diesel oil Q = 10100 kcal / kg = 42420 kJ / kg; the boiler thermal efficiency ζ = 0.93. Fuel consumption per hour B1 = D1 (i2-i1) / Q • ζ = 500 × (2777.1-83.74) /42420•0.93.


2 ton hot water boiler 2020


ZOZEN 2-ton oil-fired boiler combustion chamber uses a full corrugated furnace liner structure, which not only strengthens the flue gas disturbance, but also increases the radiant heat transfer area; it not only increases the rigidity of the furnace liner, but also effectively reduces the expansion stress of the furnace liner; Enhance the heat transfer effect, and promote the combustion of fuel in the furnace.


Oil-fired boiler is an industrial boiler that burns fuel oil to provide hot water and steam for industrial production. With the accelerated implementation of national energy conservation and environmental protection, traditional boilers are gradually banned by enterprises due to high pollution and high consumption. Boilers produced by oil-fired boiler manufacturer ZOZEN are favored by the market due to clean combustion and no pollution.


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