2020 Hot Water Boiler Industrial Diesel Fired

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Oil-fired hot water boiler is boiler equipment that uses oil as fuel to heat water through a burner to provide heating and provide hot water for living and bathing. This boiler has high intelligence, fast heating, low noise, and no dust. It is an economical hot-selling boiler variety that is very suitable for China’s national conditions.


szs diesel boiler 2020


As the preferred type for 90% of users, oil-fired gas boilers have a high degree of automation, automatic purging in accordance with the instructions of the controller, electronic automatic ignition, automatic combustion, and wind oil (gas) automatic proportional adjustment. And there are flameout protection devices to ensure safe operation. A fire-resistant spoiler is inserted into the fire pipe to slow down the smoke exhaust rate and strengthen the heat exchange. The temperature of the smoke from the smoke chamber is low, reducing heat loss and saving fuel. The ash content, sulfur content and nitrogen content in the gas are lower than coal, the combustion is sufficient, the amount of dust in the flue gas is very small, and the emissions easily meet the national standards for gas equipment, which can greatly reduce environmental pollution and have good environmental performance.


Oil-fired hot water boilers are mainly used for food processing, printing and dyeing, and pharmaceuticals. They provide production steam for food processing, printing and dyeing, and pharmaceuticals. Medical institutions provide steam for disinfection. They also provide steam for the heating of other enterprises and hotels. It can also be provided by water tank heating.


hot water diesel boiler 2020


Diesel hot water boiler has the following advantages

1. Save land: Oil-fired gas boilers do not need coal ash piled up, saving land

2. Reduction of staff: Oil-fired gas boilers have less auxiliary equipment than coal-fired boilers, require fewer staff, and bear much less wages and benefits.

3. Low noise: Flexible layout of oil and gas boiler room, less floor space, low noise

4. Improve the environment: A large amount of smoke and dust is generated during the operation of coal-fired boilers, which causes great pollution to the environment, and natural gas is a clean energy, which greatly improves the environment.


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