20tph Coal-fired Boiler for Towel Mill in Pakistan

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Available industries: Towel Mill
Project boiler medium:Steam

20tph Coal-fired Boiler

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Case Introduction

Steam consumption, electricity consumption and water consumption are the three main energy consumption of the textile industry, of which, steam consumption accounts for 75% of all energy consumption, therefore, 20tph coal-fired boiler is very important heating equipment for the textile industry, to provide steam support for the production process, dyeing heat, bleaching, drying and so on. Hira Terry Mills Limited is a well-known supplier of looped towels in Pakistan.

In order to improve the overall profit of the enterprise, the terry factory decided to purchase an energy-saving coal-fired steam boiler. ZOZEN has won the trust of terry manufacturers with its advanced technology and rich experience. After conducting a field survey of working conditions at Hira Terry Mills Limited, ZOZEN supplied the plant with SZL series water-tube steam boilers and customized feed system, flue gas treatment system and boiler room layout for the Terry plant. To date, the coal fired steam boiler system has actually achieved energy savings and reduced operating costs, which has been highly recognized and evaluated by Hira Terry Mills Limited.

20tph coal-fired boiler is a double barrel longitudinal boiler, the overall use of assembled boiler structure, large output, fast temperature rise, the upper part of the body heating surface, the lower part of the combustion equipment, two-body structure. Convenient transportation, boiler water circulation using natural circulation or forced circulation. Ensure the stability and safety of the boiler operation, the unique front and rear arch design to enhance the adaptability of coal quality, strengthen coal quality combustion.

SZL20-1.25-AII refers to 20 tons of coal fired saturated steam boiler, pressure is 1.25MPa, fuel is bituminous coal. How much heat does such a SZL 20tph coal-fired boiler need to provide per hour? The calculation method is: 3083kg/h*17690kJ/kg*81.24%=54538270kJ*81.24%=44306914kJ.

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