20tph SZL Coal Boiler for Rubber Industry in Indonesia

Available industries: Rubber Industry
Project boiler medium:Steam

20tph SZL Coal Boiler

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Case Introduction

Rubber calendering, vulcanization, drying process steam boiler is an essential thermal equipment. The performance of industrial coal-fired boilers directly affects the economic benefit of the company. PT.Industri Karet Deli is a major rubber company manufacturing inflatable tyres, inner tubes and solid and cushioning tyres for all types of vehicles. In order to improve the production efficiency and ensure the quality of the tires, the SZL coal boiler was purchased from ZOZEN as the heating equipment for the production line.

ZOZEN is an industrial boiler manufacturer with strong comprehensive strength and has obtained various international certifications including ASME. ZOZEN has extensive experience in the rubber industry and has earned the trust of PT.Industri Karet Deli. Taking into account the fact that PT.Industri Karet Deli uses bituminous coal as its boiler fuel, ZOZEN’s engineers have custom-made the SZL series of coal-fired water tube boilers. This series of water tube boilers adopts the film type water wall structure which is closely arranged, which changes the traditional water wall structure of the original industrial boilers and effectively prevents the abrasion and radiation of high temperature flue gas. This series boiler uses a unique grate and suitable air regulator to ensure the stable operation of the boiler and improve the thermal efficiency.

SZL coal boiler is designed with lengthened grate, lengthened front and rear shafts of grate, full combustion, increased effective grate area, and enhanced boiler overload capacity. Segment air supply, good sealing, can control the air supply of each combustion section, to achieve the best combustion adjustment effect. 20 tons of coal-fired steam boiler furnace type is different, the pressure is different, and the boiler price is different.

Customer Feedback

ZOZEN’s talent is among the best in the industry. They are guided by a philosophy of integrity, reliability, and the best customer service that the industry must provide.


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