15 ton SZL Coal Steam Boiler Bangladesh

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SZL coal steam boiler is a new type of assembled water tube boiler. The boiler is arranged in a single layer with a lower total height, which is very beneficial to the renovation of the old boiler house. The whole machine is divided into two large parts, short installation cycle and low input cost. The boiler is equipped with enough heating surface to ensure output and has strong overload capacity. The coal has wide adaptability, especially for medium coal with low heating value of 422kcal/kg.

szl coal steam boiler
szl coal steam boiler

15 tons chain grate boiler is the assembly structure, the foundation is simple, easy to install, easy to transport, according to the market the needs of customers, our SZL series water-cooled arch, membrane type water wall boiler is the company’s sole and development of the integration of the advantages of bulk boiler furnace arch of a new type of pipe assembly boiler, it will be large chain grate boiler combustion system water-cooled arch technology and membrane type water wall boiler ingenious application of the technology, is a domestic initiative, technical indicators in the domestic leading level.

The boiler products produced by ZOZEN are widely used in the feed industry and are well received by domestic and foreign customers. Our SZL series chain grate boiler has become important industrial heating equipment in RRP Agro Farm’s production line, providing safe and efficient heat source support for feed production. In the feed production process, the tempering process is inseparable from the stable and efficient steam boiler equipment. According to the actual use requirements of RRP Agro Farm’s feed production line, ZOZEN Boiler tailor-made SZL series coal-fired steam boiler system for RRP Agro Farm, equipped with a design scheme of multi-pipe dust removal + water film dust removal, so as to meet the requirements of customers in environmental protection.

At the same time, in order to ensure the full combustion of SZL series coal fired boilers, ZOZEN boiler is equipped with several independent air silos and damper on the base, so that customers can reasonably distribute the wind according to the coal quality and combustion conditions, so as to achieve accurate air distribution and improve fuel utilization rate. In addition, the automatic production line of ZOZEN boiler and the CNC machining rate of over 80% further ensure the machining accuracy of each part of the boiler, and comprehensively improve the quality of SZL series coal-fired boilers from the structural design to the manufacturing process.

szl coal-fired boiler
szl coal-fired boiler

SZL coal steam boiler is composed of boiler body, auxiliary pipeline, water treatment system, combustion system, desulfurization and denitration equipment, dust removal equipment, electric control cabinet, sewage equipment, etc. Steam equipment with different pressure can be customized according to customer requirements. For the price of 15 tons coal steam boiler, please contact our online customer service for more information.


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