8 Ton Gas-fired Boiler for Food Factory

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Gas steam boilers is a mature product designed and produced by our company, and all technical indexes have reached the advanced level. ZOZEN Boilers designs a boiler system that is 5% more thermal efficient than conventional boiler systems. WNS type horizontal automatic gas-fired boiler is not only equipped with industrial burners with good technical performance, but also has a larger upgrade of smoke box cover. The boiler is equipped with movable front and rear smoke box cover, which makes the boiler easy to overhaul. ZOZEN’s WNS horizontal gas boiler has clean combustion, no pollution emission, convenient operation and sufficient output.

wns gas steam boiler
wns gas steam boiler

Gas Boiler for Food Industry

In the processing and production process of fruit and vegetable juice, evaporation, concentration, sterilization and other technological processes require a large amount of steam, the quality of steam will also have a certain impact on the taste of fruit and vegetable juice, so a high quality and stable gas-fired steam boiler is very important for the food industry.

After fully grasping the customer’s production line situation and actual demand, ZOZEN boiler recommended the typical product of environment-friendly gas boiler — WNS series natural gas boiler, and provided the detailed design scheme of a complete set of boiler room. The large diameter corrugated furnace of this series boiler not only guarantees the full combustion of fuel, but also provides sufficient heating surface and steam storage space; Adopt high quality low nitrogen combustion machine and flue gas circulation and other advanced technology, easy to achieve low NOx emission. At the same time, WNS series gas-fired boilers also have the characteristics of automatic operation, the boiler start and stop, load adjustment, automatic water supply and other operations only need to be set easily, can ensure the boiler safe and reliable operation for a long time, greatly reducing the labor cost.

Gas-fired Boiler Advantage

  1. Low cost: This type of boiler has high combustion efficiency, fuel saving and low cost of fuel investment; Full bevel butt-weld, long safety life and low maintenance cost.
  2. High efficiency: A flue gas condensation recovery device is arranged at the tail end, which can effectively control the exhaust temperature and achieve high thermal efficiency of the boiler; Adopt automatic burner, feed water adopt continuous electric adjustment, combustion efficiency is high.
  3. Safe and stable: design over temperature, over pressure, water shortage, leakage detection, flameout and other protection functions, safe and reliable boiler operation.
  4. Space saving: With quick installation structure, the whole boiler is designed on the base with strong rigidity, which is easy to install and transport, saving the space occupied by the boiler room.
gas-fired boiler for food industry
gas-fired boiler for food industry

ZOZEN Boiler co., LTD., with A level of Boiler manufacturing license, BR Ⅱ class pressure vessel manufacturing license, American ASME standard “S” (power Boiler), “U” (pressure vessel) permission to seal. From the beginning of customer requirements, our professional engineers will deeply analyze customer requirements and provide the most suitable full set of design solutions and boiler system configuration. 7*24 hours online customer service staff to customers at any time to answer professional questions guidance.


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