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Gas condensing boiler as the boiler industry a new product, is all metal fiber surface premixed combustion, the combustion mode can before combustion air and gas according to certain proportion mix, mix gas can be fully burning, not because there is residual and cause the waste of resources. In the process of condensing boiler combustion, it can effectively reduce the production of pollution gas, thus meeting the requirements of environmental protection.


Condensing gas-fired boiler working principle is through a certain device will be the hot flue gas after the boiler combustion emissions (generally at about 140 ℃) of energy recycling, after recycling the exhaust temperature of 60 ℃ or so, thermal efficiency is increased about 10%, so naturally to save about 10% of the gas, condensate gas boiler gas consumption is greatly reduced, at the same time in the process of energy recovery, can also reduce the emissions of harmful gas, reduce the pollution of the environment.

Compared with the traditional boiler, condensing boiler has the advantages of fuel saving, reducing smoke exhaust temperature and improving thermal efficiency. However, the reduction of exhaust temperature will reduce the heat transfer temperature between flue gas and working medium in the heating surface at the rear of the boiler, and increase the heat transfer area. In addition, the low exhaust temperature will also cause serious corrosion of the heating surface. ZOZEN condensing gas boiler is made of ND steel or stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion. At the same time, efficient heat exchange components and methods are adopted, as well as advanced control procedures, which make the boiler have the characteristics of compact structure, small size, high thermal efficiency, long service life, safe and reliable operation, etc.

Advantage of Gas Condensing Boiler

  1. The environmental protection. Condensing low nitrogen boiler can achieve ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions, such as 30 mg per cubic meter, this type of boiler is more suitable for the strict environmental requirements of the region, to ensure that the boiler is not due to pollutants exceeding the standard and stop the furnace rectification affect the production of enterprises.
  2. Low exhaust temperature. Condensing boiler can make full use of waste heat of high temperature flue gas, heating boiler water can improve boiler feed water temperature; reduce fuel consumption, boiler heat loss less, high thermal efficiency.
  3. Low noise. Low nitrogen gas boiler noise is low, the boiler body running below 50dB, while the ordinary gas boiler running noise you at 80 dB.
  4. Good material. The ultra-low nitrogen condensing gas boiler is equipped with multiple interlocking protection and alarm function, which can automatically stop the boiler in case of major failure.
30 ton szs gas fired boiler
30 ton szs gas fired boiler

ZOZEN gas boiler plant products are widely used in chemical plants, paper mills, heating industry, food factories and so on. We can produce 1-110 tons gas fired boilers, which are popular with many users. Our gas-fired boiler has been successful in many industries. If you need more information, please contact our online customer service consultation.


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