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Now, in order to protect the environment and reduce pollutant emissions, many regions at home and abroad restrict the use of coal-fired boilers. This situation makes the use of biomass boilers in industrial coal-fired boilers, which provides space for the development of biomass boilers and also promotes the development of biomass boiler technology. Biomass energy has the characteristics of environmental protection, pollution-free and renewable, and is used as domestic energy by about half of the world’s population. The primary energy sources in developing countries depend on material energy. According to statistics, the calorimetric value of every 3 tons straw is equivalent to 2 tons coal.

10 ton biomass fired boiler
10 ton biomass fired boiler

SZL series water-cooled arch, membrane type water wall assembly boiler is ZOZEN fusion bulk boiler furnace arch advantages of a new type of pipe assembly boiler, it will be big chain grate boiler combustion system water cooling technology and membrane type water wall technology skillfully applied to boiler, the boiler with double drum longitudinal type is decorated, combustion mode of chain grate. Rated evaporation rate of 4-35t/h, boiler burning biomass formed solid fuel. The combustion system of SZL series chain grate biomass boiler includes coal scuttle, chain grate and grate drive device.

SZL series biomass steam boiler has high automation level, safe and stable operation, soot emission meets environmental protection standards, and measured thermal efficiency is up to 88%, higher than the average level of the industry, saving operating costs. According to the field measurement, the actual evaporation capacity is higher than the rated evaporation capacity, and can be overload operation, and the working condition is good. Fuel applicability is strong, such as rice husk, molded grain, corn cob, wood chips, rice husk, palm shell, etc. Below 6 tons boiler products can be shipped out of the factory as a whole, short delivery cycle, low transport costs.

SZL Biomass Boiler Advantages

  1. The back arch of the boiler is low and long, and the outlet section is anti-inclined. The front arch inclination of 45° echoes with the back arch, forming an obvious inverted “α” flame, which is conducive to the combustion of inferior coal and has strong adaptability to coal types.
  2. Membrane water wall structure is used in the assembly of boilers; its advantages are large heat transfer coefficient, good heat transfer effect, low heat loss, good air tightness, furnace wall deformation, no ash leakage.
  3. The new small scale grate plate is adopted in the grate, and the unique safety ring is added, which completely overcomes the technical problem of the grate flake falling off, effectively reduces the air leakage in the grate, makes the grate operation stable and reliable, and greatly improves the combustion efficiency.
  4. Boiler of 40t/h and below adopts side seal cold Angle iron reinforcement plate structure, and boiler of 6t/h and above adopts contact side seal under seal structure.
szl biomass boiler for sale
szl biomass boiler for sale

ZOZEN Boiler is the leading biomass boilers manufacturer and has been dedicated to providing professional and efficient industrial Boiler solutions to customers around the world. Our customers to more than 100 countries and regions, including the United States, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Fiji, India, the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Albania, Croatia, Algeria, Kenya, South Africa, Mongolia, etc.


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