Gas-fired Thermal Oil Heater for Sale

As a new type of environmental protection and energy saving boiler, gas-fired thermal oil heater has attracted more attention in the boiler market. There are a lot of heat conduction oil manufacturers, in the selection of industrial boiler products to the company’s production experience, production capacity, technical strength, service and other factors comprehensive judgment. ZOZEN Boiler can produce 1400KW-29000KW oil-fired and gas-fired thermal oil boilers, in both the YQW series horizontal boiler and YQL series vertical boilers.

yqw thermal oil heater
yqw thermal oil heater

YQW series gas-fired organic heat carrier boiler adopts the structure of three-return circular tube, the end of the coil tube adopts the tapered coil tube, which effectively protects the furnace wall at the end of the boiler, equipped with advanced combustion devices, and the boiler is fully automated in operation. After the fuel is ignited by the burner, a torch is formed to fill the tube and transmit radiant heat through the tube wall, which is the first return journey, the high temperature flue gas generated by combustion converged at the rear door, and turned into the second return journey, namely the convective tube bundle area. After convection heat transfer, the flue gas temperature gradually decreased to the front door, and then turned into the third return journey tube bundle area, and then entered the chimney and discharged into the atmosphere through the energy saver.

Advantages of Thermal Oil Heaters

  1. The temperature difference between the inlet and outlet temperature of the ignition and smoke exhaust system of the gas-fired thermal oil boiler is below 30℃.
  2. The selection of coil design scheme structure, so that the heating surface is sufficient, can further improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
  3. It has the characteristics of bottom pressure and high temperature. The key is to operate under low working pressure and obtain the operating temperature below 320℃.
  4. Gas thermal conductivity oil boiler with excellent explosion-proof structure, can be used in the processing plant zone II explosion-proof type, and the explosion-proof level can be more than C.
  5. Equipped with sound operation and control system software and safety detection equipment system software, the gas thermal oil boiler can operate at a high and precise temperature.
gas-fired thermal oil boiler
gas-fired thermal oil boiler

Gas-fired Thermal Oil Heater in Food Industry

In the production of food additives, industrial boiler is important heat source equipment in the production line. The continuity of the new production process is the key procedure of the processing process. In order to satisfy the sufficient and continuous heat source support for the food additive production line, ZOZEN boiler customized the design of YQW series boiler system scheme for the customer’s production line. Among them, YQW series gas-fired thermal oil boiler body adopts three-return circular tube structure, with sufficient heating surface, and the energy-saving device at the end of the furnace body can ensure the thermal efficiency up to over 85%. Advanced combustion equipment can realize low NOx emission of the whole boiler system; at the same time, the automatic control system equipped by ZOZEN boiler ensures the continuous and efficient operation of the heat source system of the production line.

Wuxi ZOZEN oil boiler has various types of thermal oil boilers, which can meet customers’ different heating requirements. The specific price of heat-conducting oil boiler requires the user to provide more detailed demand information, and the specific quotation can only be given after the boiler model and configuration are determined. If you are looking for boilers, please feel free to contact us.


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